There are two ways to get a "custom" Super Dollfie.

  1. Buy optional parts and assemble the doll yourself.
  2. The "Full Choice System" (FCS) where you choose every part, eye, wig, and makeup style, etc... and Volks does all the work for you.

The only way to get FCS is to go to certain Volks doll stores in in Japan. You must either go yourself, or ask a shopping service to go there for you. Just like any other Super Dollfie, Volks does not take international orders.

It's only available at those particular stores, and the catalog can only be veiwed there (it can't be taken out of the store.) This is what the order form looks like.

You can order FCS with the help of R&D , Janet, fullcho.pe.ky, Parasha, or Domuya (or you can go to Japan and order yourself...!)


Please note that this is an older scan of the catalog. The wigs in particular may be inaccurate. It is always best to talk to the shopping service of your choice about what is CURRENTLY available. They can help you out.

Below I've included pictures and information about the optional parts. Some are available both in regular ordered optional separate parts from Volks, while some are ONLY available if you order a WHOLE doll through FCS. FCS ONLY stuff is marked appropriately,.

NOTE: these pictures are from the Volks Full Choice System Catalog mainly. They have been resized and edited somewhat for fast loading. If you would like to see larger images, feel free to leaf through this folder, here.

Face Mold: 24 types which include pretty much every SD head. The only heads not included are one of a kind heads and the Kyon Painting School Head.


Skin Color:





No Makeup


Standard Makeup


Natural Makeup (similar to SD13)


Urban (gothic style)

Hands: 8 types - (another photo)

Arms: 3 types

A-01 normal type(similar the regular SD)

A-02 long type(longer 1 or 2cm than A-01)

Feet: 5 types - (another photo)

Legs: 3 types

L-01 normal type(similar the regular SD)

L-02 Long type(longer 2cm than L-01)

L-03 slender type(this length is same as L-01, but it's bit slender)

Bodies: 9 types including:

B-01 thru B-04-- Standard SD bodies - (another photo)

B-01 similar to the regular SD.
B-02 Joint type and similer bust size as the regular SD.
B-03 Joint type and biggest bust size, and waist size for Europian clothes. (more slender than B-04)
B-04 Joint type and biggest bust size, and waist size for Kimono fit. (ie thicker waist for a more uniform sillouette) NOTE: B-03 and B-04 are VERY similar. B-03 is just more slender.

B-03 body thanks to Deb Simpson,... measurements are:
breast size: 9 1/4"
waist 7 1\4"
hips are 9 1\4"

B-06 thru B-09-- The SD-13 bodies (including boy and girl) .

B-05-- standard boy body (non waist-joint boy, standard size, same as Licht's) .

I'm fairly sure if you choose SD13 or boy body, you get the legs shown with them, and you do not choose legs from above, whereas if you choose B-01 through B-04, you have to choose what type legs you want.

Eyelashes: 12 types including unusual colors like pink or blue

Hairstyle: 10 styles and COLORS.

!!However, a full wig list for non-FCS is here, and many of the wigs and colors overlap.

Eyes: 3 sizes

and 22 colors

You can find out more about the full-choice system on this page.

Thanks to Janne, Minako, Jujube and others on SDDreams and Den of Angels for helping with the information!