Mme. Cardea, Time Traveler and Opener of Doors

Original character inspired by Doctor Who and Steampunk.

Debuted: October 2008

GROUP: AJ, Judy, Cheryll, Kim, Oscar, Tony , Sho, Lydia

So my friends (my HCC girlfriends and even more friends) wanted to do a Steampunk group. We all came up with our own designs and personas. The more and more I thought about what my original character/design would be, the more it came clear to me that I had to make a time traveler... perhaps someone who had traveled with The Doctor! Steampunk seems like such a perfect match for Doctor Who!

I ended up choosing the name Mme. Cardea.... which seems very fitting if you read up the mythology, doesn't it? She got her power from her lover Janus who is the god of doorways, beginnings and endings and could see into the past and the future... pretty suitable for a nod to the Doctor don't you think? (As to Cardea herself, she opens doors and is associated with the wind... "Her power is to open what is shut; to shut what is open.")
So... I figured she would be a time traveling explorer, so her outfit would have to allow for a lot of running! So I chose a mix of Victorian and Belle Epoche period jacket and split skirt. (that time period as a nod to steampunk. Perhaps my traveler had a particular love for that period?)
I chose TARDIS blue for my jacket and pants color, and then used gold and cyan as accents as a nod to the interior of the TARDIS.

I redrew the design from the Doctor's fob watch in Human Nature and added some elements before embroidering it on the back of my jacket. I LOVE the fob watch design. Then I added some real cogs and rhinestones. The design on my jacket upper shoulder is rhinestones in the shape of the constellation Orion. You can see ORION a little better in this shot. The lower sleeve has an applique of one of the coral tardis columns, but again, no one really can tell.

I took one of the BBC Doctor FobWatches and painted it gold so it would match my costume better. The amazing wrist device is my TARDIS remote (which allows for my time traveling sans the Doctor) and was made by porkshanks!

Some of my other accessories are a
bit of white coral (perhaps my growing TARDIS?), a gold resin gear heart necklace, glowing sand vial, glowing Okinawan glass, Borosilicate bead ring, and blue teardrop bead device necklace. The gun is a modded and repainted by me Nerf Maverick. My hair has an old clock face, some clock arms and a few gears.

A big reason for us doing these costumes was to do a shoot with Ed Pingol! We were so excited to get these shots back!


A few accessory photos

Photos thanks to Ed Pingol

More photos here and here.

Group shots