Myth and Legend from Ancient Times to the Space Age

an interesting collection of links to not just older myths, but newer ones as well… included in the collection are creatures of myth (like dragons, gargoyles and mermaids), as well as pirates, vampires and ufos.


alfabette zoope name lists

A very large collection of names and meanings.
just what you think it is. Included also is Bartlett’s familiar quotations.
Encyclopedia Mythica
A vast resource for myths, folklore and legends.  Really huge. The amazing part is that it encompasses not just greek and roman mythology but Chinese, Norse, Aztec, Persian, Hindu and much more.
Regional Folklore and Mythology
A good resource of links catagorized by country/region. YEAY!
Myths and Legends
Another huge collection of myths. Catagorized by country.
The Museum of Reconstructions
3D (CG) reconstructions of classic sites, like the cities of anceint greece.
A Digital Archive of Architecture
Tons of reference material and reference images on architecture from many different cultures including Greek, Roman, Middle Ages, Gothic, and much of modern times as well.
groupings of various gods… celtic, slavic, greek, roman,… etc.
Aesop’s Fables
Online collection of Aesop’s Fables.


Not particularly a myth eh? but there are alot of myths and the like in Shakespeare, so here it goes.
Camelot Project-
Arthurian mythology
The Labyrinth–
Resources for Medieval Studies.  Includes Arthurian literature as well as Anglo-Saxon, Byzantine, Celitic and Scandinavian subjects.  Delves into the arts, buildings, language and history of the period.  You’ll also find here information on heraldry, vikings, runes, and labyrinths themselves.
Castles on the Web
A large castle photo gallery, heraldry, medieval studies, abbeys and churches, and links to castle sites all over the web.
Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore and Drama-
Very good resource including books, history, archeology, help learning Gaelic, and TONS of myths. This is the best site I’ve seen of its kind.
Here Be Dragons!
Lots of resources on dragons. (as well as a huge links page) Web Site
Very imformative, FAQs, descriptions, teaching aids, artwork, links, games, etc. Very well organized.
The moutian lion and the underwater panther–
A native american belief that rapids are really underwater panthers that roar and hiss.


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