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I love doing panels and/or workshops on animation, cartooning and costuming!

I’m a published illustrator and author and have worked in animation since 2000. I’m also an award winning costumer since 2001. I really enjoy sharing my enthusiasm, experiences and knowledge with others. I’m very happy to come out for conventions, libraries and schools who are able to bring me out as a guest.

I’m happy to do panels and events related to the  following:

  • Animation Process Panels – I’ve worked on many different animation productions in various positions from layout and animation, to storyboarding and assistant directing. I can give advice, demonstrations and show behind-the-scenes drawings on how the animation process works.
  • Japan Ai Panels – with drawings and stories about the book and talking about how the book was created.
  • Signings – I enjoy meeting and taking photos with attendees and I can bring prints and other materials for signing at your convention/event. I do sketches along with the signings.
  • Costuming Tutorial Panels – I especially enjoy doing tutorial panels or workshops for both beginners and more advanced costumers. Some topics include costuming construction, resin casting and wig styling (including outlandish wigs).
  • Judging Costume Contests – I’ve been costuming for over 14 years, made over 100 costumes and have won many costuming awards. I have extensive experience judging costume contests and enjoy doing efficient but detailed judging focusing on craftsmanship.
  • Attending in Costume – I can attend your event in various costumes.
  • Costuming Exhibit – I can bring my elaborate costumes to your event for display on event-provided mannequins.
If you are interested in having me attend your event, please email me or contact me below with the details. I live in Southern California, but I’m willing to travel, schedule permitting. For conventions that are not close to me, I require travel and hotel expenses. OR email your local event and suggest they bring me out.

— I’m very happy to answer questions for publication regarding my work, my books, animation, hobbies or costuming. Again, I also keep high resolution files of most of my artwork and photographs that I can make available for your publication.

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