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Japan Ai made the annual “Top Ten Great Graphic Novels for Teens” from the American Library Association (YALSA) ~ read more at ANN (12)Japan Ai was also named “2009 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers” by YALSA (1) (Japan Ai was the only book to hit both lists!)
Heroes – Japan Ai banners and books show up on the Nov 17, 2008 episode in the comic book store. (screenshot)
The Terrible Zodin (Doctor Who online zine, interview) (1)Tokyopop Gothic and Lolita Bible Vol. 4 Winter p85- Illustrations for article

ShojoBeat’s Sept 2008 various illustrations (1) (2)

ShojoBeat‘s June 2008 Hagu from Honey & Clover Bento Tutorial (1)

ShojoBeat‘s March 2008 Hina Matsuri (1)

TokyoPop Spring Manga 2008 (1) (2) (3) (4)

Gothic & Lolita Bible (English) V. 1. (an interview with me as well as a feature on the cover) (1)

Marui0101 with Patrick Macias interview me regarding Gothic and Lolita fashion. (1)

Comic-Con 2007 Newsletter

Cosmode Winter 2007

ShojoBeat‘s December 2007 Feature (1) (2)

NewtypeUSA Japan Ai Ad December 2007

Haute Doll Magazine Japan Ai Feature, December 2007

Haute Doll Magazine May 2005 (interview about me) The Secret Lives of AimeeHaute Doll Magazine May 2005 (article by me) ABJD Introduction

Haute Doll Magazine Aug 2005 (article by me) Violet goes to VOLKS Japan (and Omukae)

Haute Doll Magazine Oct 2005 (article by me) Super Dollfie wants to be your Velveteen Rabbit.

Haute Doll Magazine Dec 2005 (article by me) VOLKS SDC Arashi (no photo)

Haute Doll Magazine Feb 2006 (article by me) A Day in the Life of a Spoiled Doll (1) (2) (3)

Haute Doll Magazine March/April 2006 (article by me) ???Angel’s Den YoSD

Haute Doll Magazine March/April 2006 (article by me) ???Angel’s Den New ABJD

Haute Doll Magazine June 2006 (article by me) VOLKS LA Limiteds

Haute Doll Magazine July/August 2006 (article by me) Violet Goes to L.A.

Haute Doll Magazine Oct 2006 (article by me) Hometown Dolls Party 4 & Tenshi No Sato Anniversary Event

Haute Doll Magazine Feb 2007 (article by me) Orientdoll

Haute Doll Magazine April 2007 (article by me) Volks Tea Party in L.A.

Haute Doll Magazine April 2007 (article by me) Volks Halloween Tea Party

Haute Doll Magazine June 2007 (article by me) Lati Doll

Haute Doll Magazine Oct 2007 (article by me) Bambicrony “For You and Your Doll”

DOLLS Magazine October 2007 (two of my photographs featured) (1) (2)

Haute Doll Magazine Dec 2007 (article by me) Interview with Uyuchagongbang (Milktea)

Sweet Streets II at Gallery Nucleus 2010 (1)FLEETING PROJECTS Folklore 2010 at Renee’s Courtyard. (1)

FastFrame Nov 2007 Girls Drawing Girls Show


Castle Green Oct 2007 Girls Drawing Girls Show (1)

Deviant Art Daily Deviation September 13, 2009 (1)About.Manga (1)

CNN (1)

ShojoBeat‘s December Feature (1)

American Cosplay Paradise, Acy’s Pick for 07/2004

A Fan’s View Anime Convention Personality of the Week – November 18, 2007

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BDE Interview (French) (1)Teenreads Review. (1)

Adagio Teas’ video review of Japan Ai tea. (1)

Comixology interview regarding Japan Ai (1) – Part 2 (2)

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Marui0101 with Patrick Macias interview regarding Japan Ai. (1)

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Suihou-en Formal Kimono Show Video 2007 – This kimono show was held at Suihou-en, in Van Nuys, California on October 28th, 2007, under the direction of my Sensei Mme. Fumi Akutagawa. I am the first girl in pink furisode on stage. Video thanks to Atelier Kanawa. – For Costuming Skit Videos CLICK HERE
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