How To Animate

“There is no magic in the magic. It’s a lot of hard work.”

~ David Pruiksma, Supervising Animator, Walt Disney Feature Animation

I’m a professional animation artist, most recently an Assistant Director on the animated tv show, Futurama. My job entails storyboarding (with key frame animation for certain actions), some animation timing and little character design. I’ve also worked doing full 2d animation.

I started this animation “how-to” website back in 1995 before I went to school for Character Animation at Calarts. Back then there was very little information on the web about how to become an animator. This site collects some articles that I’ve saved over the years to help beginning and intermediate animation artists.¬†This page focuses mainly on traditional hand drawn 2d character animation techniques, but much of it is applicable to computer animation too!

All copyrights belong to the original artist/author (and are usually labeled). 

Right now I don’t have time to update this “animation how-to” page often. Much of the information is older, but there’s still a lot of good stuff here. Enjoy!

Articles – Interviews with animators and articles on films.

Tutorials – Handouts with tips from master animators.

Book List – A good list of animation, drawing and art books that you might find helpfull. Also includes a list of possible sellers as well as reviews.

College List – An introduction to finding the right college, as well as a list of preferred colleges that offer courses in animation or related courses.

Links – Links to other animation sites on the web.


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