This year I mostly worked doing storyboards for Matt Groening’s new animated tv show, Disenchantment, which isn’t out yet, so I can’t show you anything! I feel like I got better at my shot selection and composition this year. I’ll keep working on it!

I sold at ECCC for the first time and it was great!

I did my first Kickstarter this year and it was successful! These pins were funded! (They are currently available in my etsy shop)


I did several fun art shows this year for QPopShop, Meltdown Comics and 3Tarts.

I also did some fan art pieces for fun:


And I did a lot of development drawings for a children’s book I’m working on for fun. (Here’s a few below from that.)

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Hey! The Kickstarter pins have arrived and have already started shipping! Hurray! Thank you so much for your support. I think they turned out really beautifully and I could not have made this many pins like this without your help. I really love how the glitter and colors turned out. Please note there are now two more variant pins of Cat Helper and Cat Mermaid since the previous batches sold out! These would make great gifts for friends and family, too!

If you did NOT get a pin in the kickstarter you can still order one for you or for your friends! Please see my etsy shop here.



A sweet otter Family.


An adorable mermaid with her shell and a star fish in her hair.


An adorable mermaid with her shell and a star fish in her hair. (Variant version!)


A lovely sea monster!


A cat who loves to wear fancy hats.


New variant color on Helper Cat! This cat is “helping” you with your sewing and crafting!helpercatb1s

Sloth family pin!


A sweet dinosaur drinking tea.


A new variant color Cat Mermaid biting her tail!



Big news guys! My Kickstarter just launched to fund my adorable new enamel pins! Please go check it out, we’re already 90% funded in just one day! 

I’ll drawing cute animals over on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter over the next month during the course of the Kickstarter, so please follow me there to enjoy! Reminder if you want to stay up on what I’m working on and get first dibs, please join my email list!


Hey guys! I set up a proper mailing list! If you like my art or pins,
please sign up:
I won’t mail that often but you’ll get first dibs! I’m going to be starting a kickstarter soon and there will be early bird stuff on that! Thanks!


I couldn’t find any red jackets that I really loved. I’d love to get a “real” Star-Lord jacket someday but in the meantime, it’s pretty hot here in SoCal so I thought I’d go with a vest instead. I settled on this jeans vest since I couldn’t find any good red ones. I dyed it red with Rit Dye (easy!) and then started adding flair! I got the large back Guardians of the Galaxy patch on amazon here and the smaller GotG patch here. The star patches and heart axe pin are from sugarbones. The “bless your heart” pin is from Micheline Pitt. Awesome Mix pin from MoPin.

The cuff, Awesome Mix bag and t-shirt are from HotTopic!

vestfront vestback outfit