American Duchess is doing a run of 18th century dyeable SILK shoes!

They’ve started their preorder now (with discounts during the preorder). They come in sizes 6 to 12!

  • There’s no guarantee that they’ll do another run like this later, so if you think you might need some, get them now! Preorder is only open until the 22nd. They need 100 to order, so spread the word!

I already have a bone pair of leather 18th century shoes… so I’m going to get a dyeable silk pair from American Duchess… and probably have them dyed PINK.

Disney Princesses got the highest votes both here on my LJ poll and my DA account and I’ve been enjoying looking at some traditional chinese paintings lately, as well as feeling some shoujo/MACOTO nostalgia, so HERE YOU GO, Mulan! (not exactly a Disney Princess, though! haha. whatever.) I wanted Mushu to be more of a traditional-style and Mulan herself is a little more in my style than perfectly on model, but hey, that’s what I was goin for. XD

I’ll color this later. But I’d like to do more of the female Disney leads in kindof a floral portrait-style like this. (perhaps with a knod to the inspiration/culture of each film…) We’ll see. NO CUT FOR YOU.

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