Aimee’s Cosplay 2011 Year End Review

POLL AT THE BOTTOM. Help me choose for next year! 🙂

Made Costumes:
Beijing Floral Stripe 1873 Victorian Polonaise
Teal Zone Front late 18th Century (1780s) Gown
Yang Geifei inspired Hanfu
Blue and White Saree Regency
Rapunzel from Tangled
Flynn from Tangled

Bought/Modded or Closet Cosplay Costumes:
Mal and Inara Serra from Firefly
Yuuko from XXXHoLic
Chieko from Jellyfish Princess
Pandorica Opens/Big Bang Doctor Who River Song
Day of the Moon Doctor Who River Song
Mitch’s MidVictorian Outfit

I did a fair amount of stuff I’m pretty happy with this year! I’d wanted a regency, specifically one out of saree fabric for a while. Went to my first Regency event. Cosplayed in an amazing location (Hanfu cosplay at the Summer Palace in China!) which was a dream come true for me! Made my first historical handsewn dress and attended the amazing GBACG Petit Trianon Evening. Finally wore the oiran-esque hair extensions I got in Tokyo a few years ago for another Yuuko cosplay, with full sakura action! Yay! Annie took awesome Doctor Who photos of me in an abandoned oil refinery! And Mitch and I had way too much fun wearing Rapunzel and Flynn any chance we could get. I think Rapunzel is my favorite costume I made this year, which is funny because I was very hesitant to make it because I don’t think I look that much like Rapunzel and I’m really too tall for the character! But I had so much fun making it and I really enjoyed twirling around in a pink dress in a wig with flowers all over it.

– Kitsune mask with a pile of kimonos. 🙂
Doomsday Doctor Who
– More Oil Refinery fun!

What should Aimee cosplay next year?
Cornelia from Code Geass
Belle’s Ballgown from Beauty and the Beast
Gakupo Vocaloid (Sandplay)
Teacher Yoko from Gurren Lagann
Prince Soma from Black Butler
Otome Yokai Zakuro
Jane from Disney’s Tarzan
Vampire Hunter D
(Nathan) Fire Emblem Tiger and Bunny (casual outfit)
something else! (say in comments)
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