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- | Anime Expo 2011

Anime Expo 2011

I wasn’t really feeling up to going all out cosplaying at Anime Expo this weekend, so I decided to wear lolita and yukata instead. I didn’t have panels or a booth this year, just took it easy and saw friends. Here’s a couple photos.

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Blue and White yukata with bunnies, sakura and snowflakes, run-through with metallic threads. Headbow from 6% DokiDoki. Hairstick from CrystalMood, Mokona backpack.

Lately, I don’t really buy much at cons, but this time I caved and got some awesome stuff! British Kamina drinking tea and Ninth Doctor/Dalek by blue (blue on tumblr), Toradora, Katanagatari, Code Geass, a cute Nia from Gurren Lagann gashapon and a Stitch destroying the “city” gashapon.

Also, not shown, but I bought some ridiculously adorable fat pony charms from zambicandy and I’m really looking forward to The Fox Sister (online) and a future collected edition of SFEER Theory by Jayd!

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