I sure didn’t get all my resolutions done for this year but we had a lot of fun, did lots of awesome stuff and worked hard. This year I worked on The Croods animated tv show at Dreamworks and an unannounced animated tv show at Stoopid Buddy. I did a lot of drawing and sewing as usual. We had Disneyland Annual passes and really enjoyed going with the twins. I also feel really lucky to have had a lot of quality time this year with friends.


I didn’t have a ton of time to make costumes this year due to other obligations but I still made some things that I really loved!

I had really wanted to make a new Victorian gown for a while and ended up loving this red and black one when I finished it.

I loved wearing my Unicorn Game of Thrones inspired gown to a castle winery!

I made flower fairy dresses for the twins!

I made an obnoxious hot pink Regency gown.

I loved this Mrs. Potts Beauty and the Beast felt skirt I did

I was very happy to finally cosplay Isabella from ParaKiss, though the costume was very hot!

I loved attending Star Wars Celebration with my twins.

This year I worked on The Croods animated tv show at Dreamworks and an unannounced animated tv show at Stoopid Buddy! I hope you’ll enjoy them when they come out!

I’m really happy with a lot of the personal work I did this year. I had a lot of fun making pretty things in COPIC markers. I did a lot of yokai sketches, too, but I’m still working on that. Here’s a few of my favorite finished things from this year!

This piece inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle, “Powerful Magic” was for the Spirit of the Wind Art Show at Rotthick Art Haus

“It Binds All Things” Jedi Art Show piece for The Hive Gallery.

Poison Ivy piece for the 90’s cartoon show at The Hive Gallery.

Moon Goddess Yue

I did a few child portrait commissions this year!

It was fun to do a few super hero inspired gown designs

I would like to share this beautiful illustrated book with you today for Friday Fave. It’s suitable for most ages but deal with loss. (I cried!)

Grandad’s Island, is by animation industry professional, Benji Davies. I’m always looking for beautifully illustrated children’s books (even before I had children) so I was very happy to find Davies’ books. We also have On Sudden Hill which is charming, too. The illustrations in Grandad’s Island are absolutely gorgeous and colorful and playful when appropriate. The compositions are inspiring, too. I loved how the author deals with the hard issue of Grandad “leaving” in a soft, imaginative and touching way.  So please go check out Davies’ books!