This week’s Friday Fave is Nimasprout, the art of Nicole Gustafsson.  I really enjoy how she creates inclosed vignettes sometimes telling a story as you travel through the landscape. Many people would do a closeup of characters but Nicole often pulls out so that the figures and houses are tiny. Her color choices are beautiful and delicious. The result is so whimsical. I also love Nicole’s little animals. It feels like all the tiny little figures have lives and collect things and have hobbies. You can find Nicole’s beautiful artwork here.

PrincessBride,medium_large AnimalAdventurers4,medium_large Icebound,medium_large Woodland-Procession,medium_large

I had been meaning to make an Isabella costume for such a long time. I love Paradise Kiss manga and really loved how Isabella looked as well as some of Isabella’s quotes about the transformative aspect of clothing.  I made this costume for Costume College 2015!

I really tried to get some proper coat tailoring techniques in and learn some new things with this jacket. It has horsehair canvas inside and I pad stitched the collar among other things. It doesn’t show up well in photos but the overall fabric is a black on black rose pattern and the cuffs and collar have a dot lace overlay. The skirt is a Truly Victorian pattern done in black and gold brocade with layers of black lace and velvet ribbons. The cravat has a lavender butterfly brooch and I’m wearing a purple rose ring.

Unfortunately all the fabrics are poly and all the layers of this costume make it pretty much a winter only costume.

Isabella Isabella

This week’s Friday Fave is Carrie Liao’s Wee Foxes book!

I had been following her adorable little fox marker illustrations for a while and really looked forward to this book being released!  The illustrations alone are charming but Carrie added a beautiful Carpe Diem narrative to it. It’s so easy to get caught in the trap of your day to day without even making a conscious choice. The foxes decide to escape for a vacation and they go to so many beautiful places! The book has a ton of full color marker illustrations with some adorable ink drawings mixed in. What really makes it is the expressive faces and poses of the foxes though. I really felt like I could relate to them. So take a little escape with Carrie’s beautiful Wee Foxes book!

weefoxes weefoxes2  weeprint_jtree_8x10_01 weeprint_sequoia_8x10_01

My mom came out to visit and we organized everything including the very very messy sewing and art room. I wish I’d taken a before photo, but just imagine huge piles of stuff all over the place to the point where you can barely walk. Oy!

So here’s a tour!

In the main part of the room I keep my favorite sewing books in Ikea cubes as well as my insane fabric stash. I keep my serger and sewing machine on the white ikea desk and I have a tv set up so I can binge streaming tv while I work. I’m actually really happy with the white ikea desk I use for sewing. You can put the drawer tower anywhere you want and then put the desk top on. The drawers are perfect for things I use all the time for sewing like bobbins, buttons, elastic, glue, etc. They’ve held up really well, too. The bins to the left of the sewing desk hold unfinished projects and things that need repair.

I have my case of COPIC markers on the right of the desk. The glass ikea shelves hold some of my favorite stuffed animals, action figures and toys.

Behind the main door I have a thread rack and some of my wig swatch rings. The other door is the closet which has a door mounted ironing board. You can see part of my collection of parasols in the corner on the floor.

Angelic Pretty print, Disney Infinity figures, photos of my Rose of Versailles costume, Totoro fan and the Trinity Blood rosary I made.

Incomplete CLAMP chess set and Chobits ears.

Nendoroid and Nintendo figures on the shelf. Angelic Pretty poster. Disney Animator dolls, My Little Pony figures, etc.

Kamikaze Girls, Sailor Moon, Rose of Versailles, Takarazuka and other figures. I’ve tried to be much better over the years about being careful about what I buy and display. I still could probably eliminate more, but I want what I have to be the things I absolutely love. I used to just buy everything that was related to some subject or series I liked and shove it all in a case. It feels nice to have a few less things that are curated.

Gurren Lagann and Sailor Moon figures. Paradise Kiss music box. Moogle stuffed animal, Magic Knights Rayearth medallions, Sailor Moon cameos.

Sailor Moon teacup, HoiHoi-San maid, kitsune figure.       


The alcove holds more crafting stuff and patterns in Ikea shelves and my work desk for doing storyboards, digital art and animation, etc.


My goal recently was to create a vintage inspired (40’s/50’s) capsule wardrobe. (Clothes that mix and match with each other.)

I’ve already posted about the first set I made for this, Vogue 8789, so here’s the rest of my capsule! I have to say that in particular, I love the Hollyburn pink skirt. It was easy to make and super comfortable, though I’m pretty happy with all of these items. I can tell that I’ll be wearing them a lot and reusing some of these patterns in other fabrics and colors! It feels great to sew towards having a more workable wardrobe. These items fit me better and are the colors and styles I want more than most stuff I would find in the store.




vogue 8789