Lately I’ve been intrigued with the idea of making coordinating clothing or a capsule wardrobe! I loved Lucky Lucille’s post about 50’s inspired capsule or traveling wardrobes and I decided to make one of my own.

I had a beautiful cherry check fabric in my stash and the sewing pattern Vogue 8789. I decided to split it into a skirt and a shirt so that I could wear them mix and match as the start of my capsule wardrobe! That made my capsule colors white, red and pink, basically.  I know most people would choose a navy or a black as a neutral, but I’m a little crazy so hot pink is my neutral.

The main change I made to the pattern was simply to make the bodice a lot longer and add a waistband to the skirt. This pattern went together very quickly and easily. It’s cute and it’s comfy to wear and so I highly recommend it! It would have been even faster if I had just done it up as a dress. In the studio photos shown below I’m wearing the dress with my vintage pink flower hat, beloved pink Fluevogs, Malco Modes Samantha petticoat and a cherry pin from SummerBlueJewelry!

I also made up Gertie’s Butterick 6217 shirt pattern in a white embroidered cotton and made the Hollyburn skirt pattern up in pink so that they all would coordinate together with my cherry check items. I’ll post about those two later. (And most of these go pretty cute with my Levi’s red capri jeans, too!)


Today is the opening of Spirit of the Wind art show at Rothick Art Haus Anaheim! Hope to see you there! I have two original pieces in the show, “Powerful Magic” inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle and smaller “Guardian” piece inspired by “Castle in the Sky”. I also have two small additional pieces I’ll have prints of from Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service!

magicsmall laputasm

kikismall totorosmall

I’ve been looking for beautiful webcomics with good stories lately and this is one of my very favorites so far! Blindsprings by Kadi Fedoruk!

Blindsprings is an absolutely gorgeous full color comic about a girl who makes a pact with fairies for 300 years, alchemy-like magic and coming of age.

Just from seeing the first splash page I knew I would like it. The artist Kadi uses such beautiful shapes and compositions in her drawings. The design of the fairies is beautiful and haunting and the main character girl’s design is so adorable and appealing! I devoured it in a few days (even though there are plenty of pages) and I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here. So go check out Blindsprings on Hiveworks, it’s a real gem!


I haven’t read webcomics for a long time and have suddenly gotten back into it. I’m looking all over for beautiful comics with good stories! Feel free to recommend some to me! I thought I would start doing my Friday Faves again sharing with you some of the lovely comics I find. Hopefully you’ll forgive me for not posting this on a Friday. haha. Tuesday Fave.

I’ll start with Brianne Drouhard’s Harpy Gee! Brianne and I went to Calarts about the same time studying Character Animation. She’s always made super cute and appealing things. She’s been involved with Teen Titans, Amethyst Princess of the Gemworld, the new Pig Goat Banana Cricket and other animated shows!  Brianne also made this adorable children book, Billie the Unicorn.

Her webcomic is Harpy Gee! It’s a fantasy story about an elf warrior girl with a sullen magical cat familiar and the people she meets in a new town (like an adorable witch and a grumpy prince)! That cat creature is pretty much the most adorable not-impressed cat. She’s beautifully illustrated it in a marker style and the story is very sweet and full of heart! So go check it out! You can read Harpy Gee for free online and you can buy the first printed volume at Stuart Ng or Hiveworks!

harpygee2 harpygee