I enjoyed going to Anime Expo this year, largely to experience the explosion of Sailor Moon feelings with my friends since the original Sailor Moon anime was getting re-released as well as the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime was premiering! Here’s a couple photos of me and the babies and friends at AX!

I dressed my twin babies up like Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon. This is the custom Luna fabric I drew and had printed and then turned into a dress!

Here we are with my friend Mandi as Sailor Jupiter.

For the Crystal premiere I wore my comfy new Ami costume. Photo by Yume Ninja.

Me with a bunch of my friends as Sailors at the VIZ booth!
Viz Sailor Moon Anime Expo booth

I was very happy to be a guest at Denver Comic Con this year! I just realized I never did a formal blog post about it, so here you go! I did several panels on cosplay as well as helped to judge the Shindig costume contest. Huge thanks to those of you who came by my panels or my table! I had a lot of fun meeting you.

The entries in the costume contest were amazing! You can see some photos of them here. I also just enjoyed the con in general. If you can go, I highly recommend it. The con had a great atmosphere, great size and a good variety of genres represented. I hope I can go again some year! Much thanks to DCC for bringing me out!

Here’s an interview I did with Planet Cosplay while at the convention.

Here’s a few photos I snapped while there!
My newly finished Daenerys costume!
Daenerys cosplay

DCC Cosplay


Me and my fellow judges!
DCC Shindig Judges

Me and baby Loki! He was VERY serious business.
baby Loki cosplay

Mont Blanc as a Jedi!
Mont Blanc Jedi