Hey guys! I wanted to show you this awesome Hawaiian shirt that Maggie made with my Mid-Century Tiki fabric! You can read more about how she made it on her blog here. (Note: I made the scale smaller after she bought it, so if you want it in various scales, let me know.) I think it turned out totally awesome! Please share pics with me if you make anything with one of my fabrics, ok? I’d love to see!




This Friday I want to show you Tony Swatton of the Sword and Stone. Tony is a master self-taught blacksmith who’s made famous armor and weapons for lots of movies and commercials like HOOK, BLADE, THE MASK OF ZORRO, HELLBOY and the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies. Chances are if you’ve seen a barbarian or a viking in a commercial, his or her armor was provided by Tony.

He also occasionally raids various restaurants, local Ikeas and Santa parades in a troupe of Vikings clad in the armor he made (The Norse Hollywood Dining Vikings). I even got to go with them once or twice!

His Twitter is here and his Facebook is here. The Sword and the Stone website is here and his IMDB is here.  You can read a Q&A with Tony here on Time. Awesomely, Tony has started a new web series called Man at Arms with AWE on youtube where he shows how he makes various legendary weapons!

Check out the one he just posted on making the Sword of Omens from Thundercats! I got shivers!

Below, photo by Allan Amato.
Tony Swatton