Here’s an update on my Disney’s The Little Mermaid “Kiss the Girl” costumes! I’m making Ariel’s town/Kiss the Girl outfit for myself and Prince Eric for my husband. Eventually I want to make coordinating outfits for my twin baby girls, too.

I knew I wanted to make an embellished version of Ariel’s dress, not a straight up replica. I thought for a while about ways that would be fun to embellish it… layered lace on the bodice? Sashiko stitching? Eventually I decided on doing a custom printed damask-like fabric on the dark bodice and doing a coordinating embroidery design along the hem of the skirt.

I started by drawing out a The Little Mermaid inspired design.
Ariel Kiss the Girl Costume

I did it up as a repeating design and had it printed at Spoonflower on cotton sateen. (You can buy it here if you want, or the border version here.)
Ariel fabric

Meanwhile, I did up this Simplicity 2766 pattern in a knit for Ariel’s blouse. I made the sleeve cuffs about twice the height and tighter at the wrist.
Ariel Kiss the Girl Costume

Here’s me testing out the embroidery version of the motif on my machine.
Ariel Kiss the Girl Costume

1/4 way embroidering the skirt! Boy that took forever!

The completed embroidery (on the incomplete skirt.) I made a 3/4 circle skirt for this using this calculator!

Back to the bodice, I made a muslin using 4479 Simplicity (Phantom of the Opera Christine pink dress pattern) as a starting point. After that was fitting pretty good, I cut the spoonflower fabric and flatlined it in coutil for strength.

Testing the fit again. Gotta finish by July 4th weekend! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

Please watch my FB, TW, instagram or Tumblr for WIP updates as they come! 🙂

I made Kaelyn a Kiki’s Delivery Service baby dress (and head bow) for her second birthday. Kaelyn loves the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service (and so do I). It’s a really sweet girl coming of age story by Miyazaki, one of my favorite directors. She loves to pretend she’s Kiki saving her friend Tombo.

Unbeknownst to me her mom had customized a special Ken doll for her to look like Tombo! Kaelyn is actually pretty excited about her “Tombo” here, but she’s a little shy.

Tombo doll

Kiki’s dress in the movie is a very plain black dress without much shape. kikitombo2 kikitombo1

I couldn’t help but add pinked-edge ruched trim to the dress to make it a little prettier for Kaelyn. I’m sure Kiki would have approved as in the movie Kiki complains to her mother about the plainness of the black dress. And ah well, as I said, I couldn’t help myself.

I used the 2 year old nightdress pattern in Making Children’s Clothes: 25 Stylish Step-by-step Sewing Projects for 0-5 Years. I changed the length a little to make it more of a dress length.  But, you could use this free tutorial with some small modifications (like omitting the sleeve elastic). The nice thing about this style of dress is that it’s easy for a child to put on themselves and all the elastic along the neckline will let it fit her longer.  I ripped some strips of fabric on the grain and then pinked them and then gathered them. I pinned this onto the dress in swirls and then sewed it on along the center gather line of the trim.

The bow is heavily interfaced and has elastic at the back to make it more comfy and size variable. I used this free headband tutorial! The children’s size pattern is here and the adult sized english tutorial is here. I then sewed the separately made faux bow onto the headband. I basically made my bow the same way as this tutorial here. kiki's delivery service baby dress

For this Friday Fave, I’d like to show you Colette patterns and the Coletterie blog!

Colette does beautiful vintage inspired patterns. I really enjoyed making up their Jasmine blouse (you can see pics of mine here.) Their patterns come with a beautiful book and great instructions. There’s something soothing about going through the instructions because they are presented in such a lovely way. You can read some reviews on their patterns here.

On top of this they have an AWESOME blog. Regularly they post embellishment inspiration and recently they started a feature series on the inside construction of beautiful vintage gowns. Check out this construction details post on a vintage wedding gown and this lovely little post on beaded bows, this one on embroidered accents and this sailor collar post.


They’ve just a few days ago released their newest pattern a vintage inspired shirtdress or peplum shirt called Hawthorn! Check out these Joan-esque photos! (More here.)


Colette is going to start a Hawthorn “Sew-a-Long” . And no, I don’t get anything cool for showing you all this, I just like their patterns so far and am excited about the Sew-a-Long!

I’m planning on trying to do the sew-a-long (in my infinite free time) out of this beautiful pink strawberry fabric I found in my stash (below). I’m excited to finally try to participate. It seems like every time someone does one, it’s bad timing for me or not a pattern I’m interested in or it’s already past!



I had a lot of fun this week doing A Midsummer Night’s Dream rococo design! I hope you like it! It’s filled with fairies and pansies. It features Titania, Queen of the Fairies, Puck, the love potion and Bottom.

You can vote on it here:

You can fave my contest entry here:

And then all of the different variations and colors of the design are here:  There’s several colorways and then two border print versions. They’ll be up for sale as wallpaper, wrapping paper, decals and fabric as soon as I get my test swatches back!

midsummer night's dream fabric