Hey folks! I hope you’re enjoying all the fabric designs. I’m really having fun making them. This week’s fabric is Happy Bunny Garden! I hope you like it!

You can vote for it here:http://www.spoonflower.com/contest_voters/new?contest_id=185 Thanks for supporting me! You can fave it here:  http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/1965726 It’ll be up for sale soon.


Also, the Baby Bunny Hanami Fabric is up for sale! Happy Spring!

I wore my Haenuli Dreaming Cinderella dress to see the Beauty and the Beast musical at the Pantages theater.

I’d never been to the Pantages before. I’m not generally a fan of Art Deco but this theater was gorgeous! I’m so glad they decided to restore it. I highly recommend seeing a show here if you can. The Beauty and the Beast musical was lovely. The Belle was particularly good and I really enjoyed the costumes.

I wore my beloved rose bell jar necklace.
Haenuli Dreaming Cinderella

Here is my teapot and teacup ring.

I love my Haenuli dress! The fabric design is great and the dress is very well made.  Their items run longer than other brands so they fit my height better.
Haenuli Dreaming Cinderella

I accidentally found Clara Bow’s star!cinderella03

Isn’t the theater gorgeous?


Here is the glowing rose before the show opened.


Another week another fabric design, Baby Bunny Hanami! I was inspired by picnicking under the cherry blossoms with my twin girls. So these are twin baby bunnies with their mother. I hope you like it!

You can help me out by voting for it on Spoonflower here! I’ll put it up for sale next week. You can favorite it here. You can see my test swatch below!


Also, my Pride and Prejudice Toile is up for sale! Thanks to your help, it got to #12 in the Jane Austen contest which is almost top 10!



Sorry for a belated Friday Faves this week! This week, the beautiful costumes and photos of Viona Art (Viona Ielegems) from Antwerp, Belgium.

Viona has a imaginative combination of history and fantasy in her work. It’s inspiring how she pulls ideas from many different time periods and sources instead of sticking with one genre. Each time the result is gorgeous. She often tells a story in her work, having not only a beautiful costume, but a beautiful setting and photograph, too. She also organizes the fabulous looking Gala Nocturna themed costume balls.

You can follow her on Facebook here and there’s a lovely interview with her here on Fashions’ Alternative about how she got started and another here on GALO.

Viona Art

Viona Art viona3 viona2