Today I took a brief kimono hime style break!

I wanted to do an outfit inspired by the mook, Kimono Hime which features kimono outfits with a fun combination of modern, vintage, western accessories and kimono.
I wore my modern cat check kimono with a lace collar layered on an embroidered red collar. I’m also wearing one of my grandmother’s vintage pins, a vintage green felt hat, lace gloves, my Baby the Stars Shine Bright parasol, a twin bunny obidome and a pink Showa eagle obi.  I got this adorable cat check kimono the last time I was in Kyoto with my husband! I love how versatile it is.  My kitsuke is out of practice and the Showa obi a little too short for me but oh well, this was fun!

I took some photos in front of my tansu. My husband got these for me for one of our wedding anniversaries.

Kimono Hime Style Kimono Hime Style

This is my first time wearing one of my lace collars, too. I layered it with an embroidered red collar. I’ve had this lace collar sitting in my tansu for probably 5 years without wearing it! Oops!


Youta says hi!

Kimono Hime Style

I designed a Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice Toile Fabric for Spoonflower’s contest this week! You can vote the design here.

The designs come up randomly. You’ll have to already have an account or register for an account to vote. There’s only 7 pages this week so it won’t take you too long to vote!

I’d really appreciate your vote! I’ve been working hard on these designs and I’d be really happy to get in the top 10! You can see my Pride and Prejudice Toile Fabric design here (it’ll be up for sale next week).
Pride and Prejudice Toile Fabric

This week for Friday Faves, one of my favorite fairy tale books, Beauty and the Beast by Hilary Knight.

Beauty and the Beast by Hilary Knight

There’s a bit of art nouveau feeling to them, don’t you think? I love the swooping lines and layouts of the pages and the shapes of the costumes. It’s very theatrical.

Beauty and the Beast by Hilary Knight

Hilary Knight has done a lot of other children’s books like Eloise, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and has also done a version of Cinderella but her Beauty and the Beast is my favorite.

Images from the book on this page are from here. You might be able to find a used copy on Amazon here.



Another “pretty stuff Aimee loves on Friday” post! 🙂

Tabitha Lyons just recently got into the cosplay scene, but she’s been making props at Artyfakes and LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) since she was 12, roughly! She tends to cosplay powerful female characters or costumes that have awesome props or armor. I think it’s cool that her dad and her work together at Artyfakes and on her costumes.

Tabitha Lyons Cosplay

Amazingly, she (with Artyfakes) created this (above) World of Warcraft Kyra costume for LARPing!  I don’t know that much about LARPing, but such a complex costume with wings would be hard enough in a convention setting, not to mention running around in a forest doing “battle”!

When Artyfakes posted these photos of Tabitha in Skyrim armor, people started saying it was “cosplay” and that’s how Tabitha learned about cosplay and related conventions. (Skyrim photo by Infinities Edge Studios.)

Tabitha Lyons costume

And can we just stop for a moment and talk about how much I love her cosplaying Rogue from X-men with a giant Sentinel head? ( Photographed by StealthBuda.) She and her dad made this Sentinel head in TWO DAYS!
Tabitha Lyons Rogue Cosplay

There’s an interview with Tabitha on Following The Nerd including more fun photos of her Rogue cosplay and there’s a great video interview with Tabitha below where she talks about how she got started making props, LARPing and cosplay.