Happy Hinamatsuri! I made new baby dresses for the twins for the occasion. (Hinamatsuri was yesterday.) Hinamatsuri is a Japanese holiday that celebrates girls. I made the dresses inspired by the traditional Hinamatsuri sweet, hishimochi, which is three layers of pink, white and green.

The dresses were made using Oliver and S’ Family Reunion Dress pattern. I was really happy with this pattern! It’s the second I’ve made from this company and so far my favorite. I loved that you didn’t have to handsew the hem of the dresses, instead there’s 5 lovely bands of topstitching. They had lots of tips for making the dresses look clean and beautiful which I mostly followed and I really liked the pintucks, the shape of the dress and the lovely collars. I followed the pattern pretty closely except I added the contrast green band at the bottom by using the “shirt version” of the pattern as a guide. All the fabrics and supplies (except a small 3/4 yard bought on 50% sale) were stash fabrics! Go me! These dresses are 6-12 month size and my girls are 5 months old, so the dresses are a little big for them. The last time I made a dress for them they barely got to wear it before they outgrew it, so this is better.

The flower headbands were a sweet gift from Sarah! I love them! If you like them, you can buy some on her etsy page!

The gold screen and the lanterns behind them are actually meant for a large Hinamatsuri doll set. I bought them years ago on ebay, but they’re perfect for baby photos, too, right?

hinamatsuri baby dresses

hinamatsuri dresses

Omake: Miss J about to devour Sophie the Giraffe.

twin baby dresses

Hey folks!
I’ve got almost 800 likes on my Facebook page, once I get to 1000 I’m going to do a kiriban giveaway!

I’m going to do some free original sketches for people (of whatever they want) as well as give away some sketchbooks and a copy of Japan Ai, and we’ll see what else! So please help me get to 1000! You can “share” my FB posts with your friends or ask them to “like”, that sort of thing. Much thanks, y’all!

Aimee loves Sakizo!

I’m starting a feature on my website which is basically “pretty stuff Aimee loves on Friday”.

sakizo artwork

To start off, I want to show you the watercolor artist Sakizo from Okayama, Japan! Their website is here and they have a DeviantArt account here.

Sakizo is well known for doing detailed fanciful, beautiful girl illustrations based on sweets, but the artist also has other themed collections based on things like flowers, jewels and perfume. Some illustrations are over the top rococo style and others feature embellished kimono.

The artist doesn’t speak English or sell overseas but you can buy their work from the shopping service Alice Books! I just placed an order with them. It seems like a lot of the books in this category on Alice Books are small artbooks that artists sell at comic cons. They have a lot of other beautiful artists, too. I’m really looking forward to getting them!

The artist also seems to like people cosplaying their work. Cosplayers definitely seem to like the cute designs and sumptuous details. You can view people cosplaying the artist’s appealing work here on World Cosplay website and here on the DeviantArt website. Below on the left Playing Cards cosplayed by KRYS, on the right Opal cosplayed by Shichi.

sakizo cosplay


Ok everyone! Please help me out! 🙂 Please vote for my Lion and the Lamb Spoonflower Fabric!

You’ll have to login to Spoonflower, and then vote for all your favorite Lion/Lamb fabrics! They are shown in random order. Hopefully mine (shown above and below in this post) will be one of your favorites! 🙂  You can buy my Lion and the Lamb fabric on Spoonflower here if you like it!

Spoonflower is a custom fabric on demand company. You create the image to tile, you upload it to Spoonflower and then you can decide what type of fabric to have your design printed on and how much of it you want! For my drawing a day challenge, I wanted to pick a contest far enough in advance so that I could complete the fabric design and get the physical test swatch back before the contest started. The one that piqued my interest was the March Lion Lamb contest. I decided to create a soft damask design. I just started doodling and this is what I came up with!  The physical swatch I got in the mail looked lovely and fresh so I ordered a couple yards to make dresses for my twins.

You can keep up with my “drawing a day” stint by “liking” my Facebook page. I also post some of them on Twitter.

Again, you can buy the fabric on Spoonflower here if you like it!