I wanted to promote a few small businesses doing fun Black Friday/Sat/Mon sales!

First off, make sure to check your favorite etsy.com sellers for sales today. If you want handmade items for Christmas, now would be the time to order them, so that they have time to be made and ship to you!

Amex is doing a Small Business Saturday $25 promotion. Basically, if you shop at a qualifying small business with your AMEX on Saturday, you get a $25 rebate from AMEX. Read about it here.

Oliver + S
patterns (both children and women’s patterns) is having a sale on Saturday that allows you to get two free paper patterns for the price of shipping in conjunction with the AMEX rebate! (You can read about the sale specifics here.) I already started putting together their Teaparty children’s dress using their downloadable PDF pattern. It’s very clean and well explained! You can find a ton of cute examples of Oliver+S outfits on flickr, too.

Truly Victorian Patterns
is having a 15% off sale on Saturday! I love TV patterns, they go together gorgeously. I used them for my Doctor Who Steampunk, my pink striped victorian and my peach floral stripe victorian!

I’ve been wanting to try Colette patterns for a while. They are having a 30% off patterns today! I like their clean retro style and I’ve heard really good things about their pattern instructions. There are also several “sew-a-longs” online to Colette patterns, so you can find tons of examples of their patterns on flickr as well as step-by-steps and fitting tips! (You can find the sew-a-longs for Anise, Crepe, Rooibos, Clover, Lady Grey… and more!) I think I want to make a Macaron with kittens all over it.

ChubbyBunny is having a sale. 20% Code: BUNNYFRIDAY ! Adorable puffy bows, shirts and tights by my friend Michelle.

Create Kids Couture
girls patterns is having a 45% off sale! code: BLACKFRIDAY . Actually I got 55% off this morning, but that ship has passed! 45% is still pretty awesome though! Their patterns are reviewed online as being easy and fun! I liked Sophia’s Open Back Ruffled Dress, Elena’s Twirly Peasant Dress and Lucy’s Apron Halter Knot Dress.

Big Chief is having a 10% off sale on their gorgeous Doctor Who 11th Doctor figure!
You can see photos of my figure, here.

American Duchess
Historical Footwear is on sale 10-60%! They have 20’s, Regency, Edwardian and Georgian shoes! I have a custom pink dyed version of the Georgiana.

There’s been a fair amount of folks lately trying to shame “fake nerds”, give newbie nerds a hard time, or make female nerds and cosplayers feel “not nerdy enough”. ┬áNerd fandoms are awesome and cosplay is awesome. ┬áDon’t scare people away from learning more about the things you love by being a jerk. Plenty of other people have spoken much more eloquently than I have on the subject, so… let me just tell you how awesome cosplay and cosplayers are.


Hey Folks,

I beafed up my Rapunzel how-to a some and added it to Instructables for their Epic Halloween Costume Contest. If you love my Rapunzel costume or find the description of how I did it interesting or useful, please VOTE for me! You can hit the vote button on the right hand side of the screen on my Rapunzel page, or you can vote on the contest page.

Thanks a bunch!