I recently made this ribbon embroidery brooch for my mom for her birthday. It’s probably about 2 by 3″. The base fabric is some left over chirimen crepe fabric I was given when I bought a kimono. It has a layer of padding and a stiff back with a pin back attached.

I used what I learned in the Costume College class “Silk Ribbon Embroidery” by Maryann Jones as well as the book, The Art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery.

I also enjoy  The Artful Ribbon: Ribbon Flowers (which is a different technique), and I don’t have it, but The Threads and Crafts book of Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork is well recommended, too.

Ribbon embroidery is actually pretty easy and fun! You can either draw out your design before you start, or just work organically adding a flower here and there as you go. It’s very pleasing.  And it’s the type of crafting that you could easily take with you to do while waiting for appointments or while reclining, since all you need is the ribbon, your base fabric, possibly a small hoop, needles and maybe a bit of thread and beads.

You also might enjoy seeing the Heirloom Ribbon Embroidery baby dresses I made for my twin girls.

Ribbon Embroidery Brooch

And then the final brooch.

Ribbon Embroidery Brooch

My DIY Mei Tai Baby Carrier

I made two identical DIY Mei Tai baby carriers for the twins. It’s basically so you can wear the baby a bit like a backpack (or a frontpack).   A black baby carrier from a big box store wasn’t going to do it for me. I used Still Learning Life’s DIY Hooded Mei Tai tutorial for it!

It was pretty easy to do, but a bit time consuming. I would say it takes about a weekend to make one perhaps. I used a cotton Japanese print from my stash for the body of the carrier. It has mochi bunnies, sushi, konpeito and various other Japanese sweets on it. The lining is pink star minke fabric. The off-white strap fabric was a twill from Joann’s. I also got the batting and minke from there.

You can see more baby dresses I’ve made in this section of my blog.

DIY Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Yesterday I got my prizes in the mail from winning the BBC America Best River Song Cosplay Contest (with thanks again to Annie‘s photo of me!)

I won an 11th Doctor shirt (“Bow ties are cool”) an awesome sketchy TARDIS shirt from HerUniverse, the 11th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver and the Series 6 DVD set! All this stuff is super awesome, thanks BBC! I’m not sure if I can pick a favorite item but it might have to be that sketchy TARDIS shirt, isn’t that exactly what I would have chosen…? (Super happy to get to watch “The Doctor’s Wife” again on the Series 6 DVD set, too!)

Again the winning costume and photo are below and you can see more photos of my costume and information on how I put it together here.