Here are some Modern Disney Princesses designs I did for a never produced project!

A lot of work that we do in animation never sees the light of day. This is either because it’s preproduction artwork that gets honed into something else by the time the final image comes out, or because it’s a pitch or a pilot that never gets produced.  A couple years ago (?) Kevin Hanna contacted me about doing some modern Disney princesses outfit designs, the basic idea would be, if the characters were modern girls, what would they wear.  You can read more about the pitch and see some great concept work by Bengal and Becky Cloonan here on Kevin’s page.

Below are some Modern Disney Princesses outfit ideas I had for Cinderella, Ariel and Snow White. The characters of the girls were not exactly like the original princesses, just so you know. Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing their outfits! I was inspired a lot by the Japanese fashion magazines I like to read like Kera and Cutie.

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Modern Disney Princesses
Modern Disney Princesses

We’re on shipping week for Napoleon Dynamite episode 2!
The episode has been a lot of work, so while I enjoyed working on it (yay! Characters with proper noses!), I’m looking forward to putting a wrap on it and having a couple days break before starting on the first episode of Futurama (Which we have the script for and it’s super adorable.) I think a lot of the time people think that animation must be all fun and games or that it’s somehow glamorous… and it is fun, I love my job… but when we’re trying to hit a deadline, it’s definitely tiring.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a preview that FOX has put up. (This is not from my episode, but just a preview of the series in general. The clips are from the pilot.)

Mitch took me to see Les Misérables this weekend, which neither of us had ever seen. It was really fabulous! Chasten Harmon as Eponine and J. Mark McVey as Jean Valjean were amazing!

I wore the custom shirt I had made in China (on my vacation to Beijing). You can’t see it, but I’m wearing a yellow chidori (small water bird) kanzashi I got in Narita airport. 🙂

I’m hoping to get this 1780’s gown done for the Evening at the Petit Trianon event up in NorCal July 9th!

I started this gown in May 2010 at Burnley and Trowbridge’s class, so I’d really like to get it done for this event and for Costume College! I just need to finish the petticoat, trim it, and make accessories.  My previous two 18th century gowns have been from the earlier period, so I know even less about the 1780’s. What I’ve learned so far is that there was much less trim and frou-frou-ness on the gowns of this later period,… and there were much bigger hats. Some gowns weren’t trimmed at all which is a far cry from the trim-on-trim-on-trim of the earlier period.

I’d like to make a new set of half-bone stays… but I don’t think I have time. So I’ll leave off buttons for now and possibly refit this gown a bit later after I finish my new set of stays.

My fabric is a teal-magenta shot silk taffeta. This is how big a 20″ hat would be on my head.

After bugging my LJ friends, Kendra, Judy and Burnley and Trowbridge and obsessing over photos on the internet and my books for a while, I think this is what I’m going to do. (The only trouble is, I’m still torn between trimming with LACE and SELF-trimming. I think I’m going to go with self-trimming though (like in my drawing…) Hopefully I’m going in the right direction!

  • Big 20″ natural straw hat trimmed with light teal and magenta fabric bows and white fluffy feathers
  • Big fluffy teased-out wig with curled large ringlets down the back.
  • dress self-trimmed with a gathered-on-both-sides trim. Trimmed at collar, zone and sleeve ends. Trim similar to the blue-striped dress below.
  • self-ruffle somewhere on the petticoat
  • transparent white lace fichu/handkerchief.
  • pale blue sash/belt + large brooch.
  • white ribbon rose brooch at collar (ala The Duchess rust-colored drunken dress?)

Here’s some of my inspiration board below. (Thanks again to Kendra for sending me some of these!)

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Sort-of related, here’s a sketch I did of Marie-Laure from Kendra’s Vaux-le-Vicomte photo.