Since it’s hard for me to find shoes I like in my size, I have kind of a bad habit of buying shoes I find, perhaps more than some other girls… (at least the number of temptations is smaller…?)

Lately I’ve been trying to reevaluate the shoes in my closet and make sure that all the ones I have, I like, AND are reasonably comfortable.

I have a pair of Dr Martens White Rose Stencil Boots 1C57 and a pair of Frye Belted Harness boots, but if I wear them all day, they tend to rub the back of my heel. If you google “breaking in leather boots” lots of people say it takes a while to break leather boots in (and yes, specifically Dr Martens). I think I’ve probably worn each for maybe 5 days total. I’m guessing I need to keep wearing them almost every day for at least a month (or how long is normal?) These are companies that people swear by.  But I’m not sure what  a boot that fits me well should truly feel like.

I had my eyes on a pair of Dr Martens Triumph 1914 Boots (Black). (Yes, the ones that Amy Pond wears in Doctor Who)… but really I just really like them. But I shouldn’t get them if they’re going to hurt my feet, right?

Had a great time at Michelle (Chubby Bunny)’s Bunnies & Bows Show Saturday night!

The event was a combination Birthday Party, fashion show, art show and debut for Michelle’s new Chubby Bunny accessories! You can see all her new accessories and buy them at her website here!

  • Be sure and head over to JapanLA before May 29th to check out all the awesome artwork (or purchase any of it!)

Michelle in her DIY embellished and dyed dress! SO CUTE!

Me wearing my pink victorian

I won some amazing makeup from Sugarpill and an adorable black and magenta bow from Chubby Bunny for wearing my Victorian that night! WOW! Sugarpill focuses on really vibrant eyeshadow colors, something we’re seeing a lot more of… and me personally, I really like to wear bright makeup for events and for cosplay… and even just going out. I’ve been especially wanting some strong metallic gold, lately. I’d tried a couple brands and none of them were as bright as what I wanted. But I got some Goldilux Loose eyeshadow in my bag among other awesome things… so I totally lucked out. I can’t wait to try!

Sandy modeling Chubby Bunny Accessories

Miss Kika‘s gorgeous piece, photo thanks to laweekly

Kerli was there and helped judge the costume/outfit contest as well as model some Chubby Bunny items!  I like Kerli’s music. My favorite of hers might be her Walking On Air video (love the fashion and the dolls! and her TeaParty and Army of Love videos are pretty fab, too!) I think it’s pretty awesome that Kerli makes a lot of her own stuff, also.

Above, Kerli’s actually wearing my favorite of Michelle’s new Chubby Bunny pieces, the Rosy Garden Lolita Headpiece. I just love those big candy-like striped bow-loops.

Have you seen Greg de Stefano‘s awesome behind-the-scenes video on the styling for the Kerli/CB product shoot, yet?

Also be sure and check out the Kerli X Chubby Bunny contest (which is open now till May 13th…!)

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I threw a baby shower for one of my really good friends this weekend!

I also made her something for her to-be baby girl. Disney’s The Little Mermaid is basically to Crystal what Beauty and the Beast is to me, so I really wanted to make her something with Ariel on it.  This is my first time doing applique embroidery with my  machine, it was really fun and wasn’t hard!  The embroidery file is from heathersue and the rainbow piping, pique and the pattern (“Melody’s Mermaid Sunsuit”) are from KariMeAway. I got the rainbow bubbles fabric from Joann’s. The body of the playsuit is made with cotton bird’s eye pique. I added a little more rickrack to the straps later, but please note the rickrack on the ruffle-butt, too!  The pattern was simple to use, it’s almost all one piece (plus the straps and ruffles) making construction a breeze.

I made Crystal and Derek wear bunny ears, cause I’m totally that crazy aunt from the Christmas Story.

Of course I had to also get her a tiny yukata when I was layed over in Narita. Actually, the gift is from my parents to Crystal and Derek, but I picked it out. 🙂 🙂  BABY STUFF IS SO CUTE. AGGGGH.

I also made my mom’s Chicken Salad recipe.

(which is super refreshing tasting, and super easy to make)

You basically take 3 cans white meat canned chicken, combine it with about 1/2 a cup of mayo, about 2-3 tablespoons sweet relish, some chopped apples, chopped grapes and chopped walnuts, some pepper and salt…. stir it up, and then add more stuff to taste as you like!  Serve it with lettuce on a croissant. YUM.

Here’s a few photos of the decor. Excuse to use chenille pink chicks in decor… Yes, please!

I love big glass vases and such right now. It’s so easy to fill them with colorful things to make a big impact… in this case, pink Easter grass (and roses…)

In February this year, I took a trip to see my family in Charleston, South Carolina. One of the things we did was go to Botany Bay. It’s an old 1800’s plantation and beach turned wildlife preserve. Here’s some of my photos from that day.


You’re not allowed to remove anything (including shells) so people feel the need to somehow arrange the beautiful shells they find,… perhaps to prove that they have been found? Who knows. You see them hanging on trees and arranged at the end of the beach.

I think the driftwood trees are very beautiful. Some have been worn away by the ocean so much that they look like silk.

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