Beauty and the Beast Tea Party

Come visit my Beauty and the Beast themed tea party!

I’ve been wanting to throw a Beauty and the Beast tea party for a while! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale and I loved the original Disney movie when I was growing up. I already had a lot of items I’d collected that I could use for the decorations for this party.  I asked my friends to bring cute food and  dress in theme! I love that I have such fun creative friends who will do things like this with me!


I decided to set the color scheme as mostly gold and red to keep things from getting too crazy. Dining room table with Tokyo Disney Mrs. Potts and Chip. Vintage candelabra and sugar dish. Leather bound books, fake roses and fake candles. Disney store Lumiere. In the background you can see a stained glass Beauty and the Beast throw. I used my existing red table cloth and gold placemats and added these very affordable satin gold table runners.



Disney store Cogsworth clock, one of my favorite books, Robin McKinley’s Beauty (a retelling of Beauty and the Beast) and more old leather books! I filled various large glass containers I had with fake roses. I printed out some high resolution images I found on google of the Beast’s ripped painting, backgrounds from the movie and more and framed them with existing frames I had and replaced the pictures in my dining room with those! Super easy!


For my party favors I ordered rose chocolate covered oreos from PromisePretzels on etsy!




The party was mostly for fancy ladies, but we had a couple of little Belles as well!




I used some of these filigree cupcake liners here combined with normal yellow ones I had on hand. I used this very affordably priced collapsible cupcake stand! I liked that it was 4-tier.


Rose cupcakes using Russian icing tips and magic mirror fondant toppers from angelcakesetc2 on Etsy.

My friend Crystal brought her Disneystore Cogsworth and Lumiere and her vintage Mrs. Potts pots well as some extra tea beautiful tea cups! … and delicious scones and deviled eggs!


Delicious quiche and tarts and fruit brought by Diana! Sheyne brought delicious cucumber sandwiches, we had a lot of yummy stuff!


Michelle made Yorkshire pudding with a potato and bacon rosettes and gravy!


I decided to try this “grey stuff” recipe that’s a copycat from the Beauty and the Beast restaurant in Disneyworld! They were super delicious. I’m definitely going to make them again.




Instead of having to clean a lot of breakable china, I got these gold plastic silverware, these adorable mixed gold plates and these gold napkins! I made some iced tea and we had pink champagne!

Crystal, Diana and Yume!


Michelle and Sheyne!

batb17   me

The roses in my garden right now! This is Alchemist and Sombreuil.


Big thanks to my awesome friends for coming and having such a lovely day with me. I encourage you to throw your own themed parties for no reason!!

Having fun with the roses! @pinupgirlclothing dress! Video thanks to @iamchubbybunny ❤️

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Aw what a cute party!

Looks like so much fun!
I do love a themed tea party 😀

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