Behind the Scenes Futurama Doctor Who Panel at Gallifrey One Convention

“Kip – we can go back in time by simply steering the ship into that blackish, holish thing…”

Hey everyone! At Gallifrey One next month (Feb 17-19) I’m returning as a guest and this time I’m doing a Futurama panel! I’m calling it Who-turama (haha… thanks Jean and Mi). I’ll be talking about how we make Futurama (from script to board to show) and also showing some of the Doctor Who “Easter Eggs” from this past season. The panel is slated for 3:30 pm on Saturday (subject to change). I might also be doing an art demo at some point, not sure yet. Watch my twitter for at-con updates.
Futurama Doctor Who gif

I’ll also have a new original piece of artwork in the Art Show and several prints of some of my Doctor Who artwork for sale! If you have specific things you’d like to see as a print, let me know!

And seeing as we all know I’m huge dork already, I’ll probably be wearing my Day of the Moon River Song costume and probably a couple of my Rose Tyler outfits. Maybe The Empty Child or The Idiot’s Lantern or Doomsday.

See you there! Gallifrey One is a great friendly con, so if you like Doctor Who or Torchwood, you should go!

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