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- | Big Chief 11th Doctor Figure Unboxing

Big Chief 11th Doctor Figure Unboxing

I’m really happy to see a company doing high quality Doctor Who figures! I just got in the mail Big Chief‘s first figure, the 11th Doctor (signature edition). It looks fabulous!  The figure comes with way more accessories and hands than I used in these shots (below), it’s marvelous. The scale is about the same as some Sideshow Toys and Hot Toys. You can see more cool poses and information on BC’s site. They’re doing Amy Pond and then (squee!) the 10th Doctor and the 4th Doctor! If the 10th Doctor is as cool looking as my 11th is, I’ll definitely be getting it, even though I’m pretty choosey about what “toys” I bring into my house now. Thanks, Big Chief!

Here’s a few quick photos.

The figure came packed in two brown cardboard boxes and packing peanuts to protect the inner box. The actual box (shown below) has a very thick luxe feel.

The front opens with a magnetic close to show a picture window with the figure and accessories. You can then open the top of the box to release the figure and stand.

The signature plate!

The figure has lots of joints making it really fun to pose!

I love that the figure comes with a six of hands, two versions of 11’s sonic screwdriver, 10’s sonic screwdriver, Psychic Paper, Nano Recorder Gun, Lash-up Device, Time Lord Consciousness Cube, The Doctor’s Invitation with Envelope, TARDIS Door Sign Fragment and The Doctor’s Handkerchief!

And yes, he has tiny braces and a tiny watch!



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