I’m excited to show you my new art piece for Michelle’s Bunnies & Bows art and fashion event (May 7 – May 19, 2011… coming up NEXT weekend! )

The girl is inspired by Michelle (hair, look and fashion) and of course… there are bunnies. I called the piece Blossom Bunny Spiral as a nod to Sailor Moon’s attack names. It was done originally in graphite and COPIC markers and then I colored some of the lineart in Photoshop and then the finished image was inkjet printed onto 16×20 stretched canvas. It will be for sale at the show!

It’s sure to be a really fun event with lots of awesome stuff to look at, so come out, and I’ll see you there!

Blossom Bunny Spiral

I’m leaving for a vacation to China tonight! (So of course I had to draw Shampoo from Ranma 1/2… )

I’ll be back in about a week. During that time, I won’t really be reachable. If you have my mac mail address, you can try contacting me there, but I probably won’t be checking it much. Otherwise, just please wait till I return!

~ ~ Awesome-Possum Michelle just did a totally sweet post about me on her blog this morning! It also has a work-in-progress sketch from me for Michelle’s upcoming art show, Bunnies & Bows!

I’ll see you guys at the show, May 7th! It’s gonna be BRILLIANT.

Sidenote: Tweaking a few things around the site. I’ll be adding a blogroll soon, and there’s now a “Published Work” gallery (which is WIP.)

Today’s comic is brought to you by Storyboard Pro (which is what we use at work + a cintiq to make shows)!


Disney Princesses got the highest votes both here on my LJ poll and my DA account and I’ve been enjoying looking at some traditional chinese paintings lately, as well as feeling some shoujo/MACOTO nostalgia, so HERE YOU GO, Mulan! (not exactly a Disney Princess, though! haha. whatever.) I wanted Mushu to be more of a traditional-style and Mulan herself is a little more in my style than perfectly on model, but hey, that’s what I was goin for. XD

I’ll color this later. But I’d like to do more of the female Disney leads in kindof a floral portrait-style like this. (perhaps with a knod to the inspiration/culture of each film…) We’ll see. NO CUT FOR YOU.

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