One of my resolutions this year was to take better care of myself and to take more short weekend trips to beautiful places! I did both of those more this year and that’s awesome! We even got to enjoy the Super Bloom in the poppy fields!

I did my first Kickstarter!

I dyed my hair an unnatural color for the first time (and loved it!).

I started making my first doll room! I made my first ita-bag.

I made another Victorian gown which we shot photos of in an awesome location (one of my favorite things to do!) I made my first faery costume, and cosplayed a dragon, Sophie and Wonder Woman!

Here’s some photos that remind me of what happened this year!



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Photo below by Amanda Rynda

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Photo below by Jason Nishi

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I couldn’t find any red jackets that I really loved. I’d love to get a “real” Star-Lord jacket someday but in the meantime, it’s pretty hot here in SoCal so I thought I’d go with a vest instead. I settled on this jeans vest since I couldn’t find any good red ones. I dyed it red with Rit Dye (easy!) and then started adding flair! I got the large back Guardians of the Galaxy patch on amazon here and the smaller GotG patch here. The star patches and heart axe pin are from sugarbones. The “bless your heart” pin is from Micheline Pitt. Awesome Mix pin from MoPin.

The cuff, Awesome Mix bag and t-shirt are from HotTopic!

vestfront vestback outfit

I didn’t have a ton of time to make costumes this year due to other obligations but I still made some things that I really loved!

My main costume for this year was Rose Quartz from Steven Universe. I really enjoyed doing my own version of the costume and adding embellishment details that were fun for me. More photos and details on this post. Photo by Gilbert Chen.

I made a fluffy Pretty Cure costume! More details on this post.

I really enjoyed doing this yokai inspired photoshoot with my friends (more details and photos on this post!) Photo by Big White Bazooka Photography.

I finally made the ballgown bodice for my black and red Victorian gown from last year! More photos on this post.

I made a new Regency gown, but haven’t had the chance to wear it yet!

I also made several dresses for the twins this year!
Unicorn peasant dresses, more details on this post

I made us matching swiss dot dresses. More details on this post

Birthday fall dresses. More details on this post

Hey folks! Sorry, I realized I never actually blogged about the Jane Austen Evening this year. It’s one of my favorite yearly events held at the beautiful Pasadena Masonic Lodge by the Society for Manners and Merriment. I really love the Regency period and Jane Austen books and films and on top of that I really enjoy sharing this enthusiasm with friends!

Due to busy holidays, I wore the same hot pink gown I made last year. You can read more about how I made my gown here.  I really love this gown though, so it was no huge sacrifice! There is a great variety of people who attend the event. Some that love to dance English country Regency dancing, some that love to make costumes and every combination in-between! You do not have to attend the event in Regency wear, you can attend in formal wear. Some folks rent costumes, others buy from Etsy, others borrow, others make from scratch! The event starts with mingling and then goes on to tea and live entertainment. This year there was a lovely live band playing period appropriate music. In some past years it’s been a Regency improv group. A lot of tea attendees bring their own fancy tea cups and plates and candelabras to dress up their tables. I love how whimsical this makes it. Some enthusiastic Regency costumers actually wear more than one look for the event. They have a day gown for tea, which is more casual, and they have a fancy evening gown for the dance. There are dance classes weekends prior to the event and even someone as clumsy as me has been able to get passable at dancing thanks to them. This year I danced at least 5 or 6 dances thanks to my gracious partners! You can dance with your friends or be asked by strangers or ask strangers yourself. Everyone is very nice and it’s a lovely evening.

I was remiss and didn’t take many photos this year, but my friends Michelle and Loren did, so thanks to them for allowing me to piggyback off their effort! You can find Michelle’s post about the evening here and Loren’s post here.

Hope you enjoy seeing a little of our evening!

Here’s my screaming hot pink saree gown! So much fun!

I changed it up a little by wearing my Sailor Moon cameo necklace with my gown.

Enjoying tea is better with the Silver Imperium Crystal from Sailor Moon. (The Sailor Moon teacup is Michelle’s!)

ja201609 ja201610

Twila is in the sherbet colored saree gown below!
ja201602 ja201603

Michelle and Will looking adorable!

Crystal and Alyxx watching the dances.
ja201606 ja201607


Emma looking lovely in pink and Loren‘s gorgeous black ensemble!

The dance!

Check out this adorable video that Iamchubbybunny Michelle did of our evening!

Here’s a little video of Katherine koshka-the-cat’s twirly ribbon dress!

@koshkacat ‘s crazy adorable ribbon #regency dress! She always makes beautiful things! #JaneAustenEvening #janeausten

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