I’m super happy to show you this Project Yokai photoshoot I did with my friends IamChubbyBunny Michelle, YumeNinja, Max Song and Big White Bazooka Photography! I’ve wanted to do a yokai inspired kimono shoot for a long time and it was awesome to finally do it with awesome and talented friends. Yokai are Japanese spirits and monsters.

It was really cool to use my kimono collection in such a beautiful way. Michelle did most of the set dressing and it was amazing how she took a pile of kimono and obi and turned it into a separate environment and feeling for each yokai look. Each person chose which kimono and obi they wanted and the style of their character and I helped to dress them. The kimono dressing is not strictly traditional. We were more going for a fantasy look. Yume did a lot of help with our makeup and Max’s hair as well. Everyone pitched in getting everything pretty.

The amazing photos and lighting are by Big White Bazooka Photography.

My Hannya mask / demon woman inspired look. I’m wearing a traditional Japanese wig. I made the faux obi out of sequin fabric. The outer white wedding kimono is one my husband bought for me while we were dating!


IamChubbyBunny Michelle in her Tengu (mountain bird demon) inspired look. I really love how dramatic she looks. Michelle made her awesome wig, hair pins, tengu fan and wing back piece! She’s also wearing awesome one-tooth geta like Tengu do.

YumeNinja in her Kitsune (fox demon) inspired look. I love how colorful she chose to represent her kitsune. Yume made her awesome wigs, ears and tail! Her outer kimono is one that my cosplay friends and I (HCC) won in a cosplay competition, so it feels awesome to see it used in such a beautiful way.

Max Song in his Yuki Onna (snow demon) inspired look. I love how cool he looks! Eric did some really awesome stuff with lighting in this one, too.

Here’s a recap of most of what I sewed in 2013! I did a lot of baby clothes and casual clothes for me this year and less costumes. I sewed another 40’s dress, I did more 18th century costumes, sewed a yukata out of beautiful stash fabric, all of which I loved. I also did family costumes for us from two of my favorite movies as a kid, Star Wars and The Little Mermaid! My favorite easy patterns this year were Made By Rae’s Geranium and Washi, I made at least 3 of each!


Star Wars Family Costumes

Thor Dress

18th century Chemise a la Reine

Morning Glory Yukata

18th century jacket

Colette Jasmine Blouse

Macross Plus Myung Costume

1940’s Hawaiian Dress

The Little Mermaid Family Costumes

Twin Geranium Christmas Dresses

Hina Matsuri Twin Baby Dresses

Lion and the Lamb Baby Dress

Twin Baby Circus Dresses

Kiki’s Delivery Service Baby Costume

Twin Thumbelina Geranium Birthday Dresses

Tardis Washi Dress

Matching Mommy and Twins Star Wars Dresses

Strawberry Colette Hawthorne Dress

Floral Nani Iro Washi Dress

Today I took a brief kimono hime style break!

I wanted to do an outfit inspired by the mook, Kimono Hime which features kimono outfits with a fun combination of modern, vintage, western accessories and kimono.
I wore my modern cat check kimono with a lace collar layered on an embroidered red collar. I’m also wearing one of my grandmother’s vintage pins, a vintage green felt hat, lace gloves, my Baby the Stars Shine Bright parasol, a twin bunny obidome and a pink Showa eagle obi.  I got this adorable cat check kimono the last time I was in Kyoto with my husband! I love how versatile it is.  My kitsuke is out of practice and the Showa obi a little too short for me but oh well, this was fun!

I took some photos in front of my tansu. My husband got these for me for one of our wedding anniversaries.

Kimono Hime Style  http://aimeemajor.com/kimono/eagle.html Kimono Hime Style

This is my first time wearing one of my lace collars, too. I layered it with an embroidered red collar. I’ve had this lace collar sitting in my tansu for probably 5 years without wearing it! Oops!


Youta says hi!

Kimono Hime Style