I finished up my Art Nouveau River Song from Doctor Who image! I hope you like! The base color was done with COPIC markers and then I overlayed a galaxy photo and colored the linework in Photoshop. If you’d like to buy a print 11×14″ ($12) or 8×10″($8) +$4 shipping, please email me at sweetmomokoATmac.com (replace AT with @). You can also combine with my other current print sales here.
There will also be 11 prints of this for sale in person at Gallifrey convention next month. Thanks for your support!

It’s almost 2015…! I hope you had a great year. Thanks for following me! 🙂

Here’s a few of my favorite artworks I did! A lot of Sailor Moon this year! I got tired thumbnailing all the sewing projects so here’s just a few of my favorite artworks instead of all of them from this year.


And here’s most of the things I sewed this year! whew! Pretty industrious for a mom of twins. haha.


Here’s to making a ton of silly things next year, too!