This week I wanted to do a starry sky gradient inspired by some of the opening images of Sailor Moon. I did an 8-bit retro version and a non-8-bit version. The 8-bit one is for voting on Spoonflower, the non 8-bit, for fun just for me. ūüôā Hope you enjoy!
Fave here:
Larger variant here:
Non 8-bit Starry Sky 42″ here:
58″ here:


I think they would be awesome as pants, a skirt or a dress!



I finished our The Little Mermaid costumes! I made a “Kiss the Girl” Ariel dress for myself and a Prince Eric (casual-style) for my husband. The little mermaid outfits my twin girls have on are just Disney-bought ones. I’m planning on making them something custom later when I have time, but these fluffy mermaid dresses are pretty adorable for now! You can read more about how I made my Kiss the Girl Ariel Costume here.

We wore them as a family to Anime Expo on July 4th. We’ll try and take some more proper photos later.



Baby Cloud from Final Fantasy!


Me and Tombo from Kiki’s Delivery Service!


This week I did a set of ditsy lucky crickets in Chinese Paper Cut style! I really loved seeing all the paper cut designs when I visited Beijing and even bought a couple.

The contest version (red on white background) is here:

Gold here: and Red here:

They’ll be for sale as soon as I get the swatches back.

Yesterday I wore my Chemise a la Reine for a picnic with other 18th century ladies for Bastille Day!  We had a lovely day. We had the park mostly to ourself. Even though it was probably 95 degrees, we had lots of beautifully prepared food and drinks and dappled shade. We even had several sets of lovely picnic gear.

Isn’t this idyllic?

This week’s Friday Fave is Cupcake Cosplay, Breathlessaire and¬†Starlighthoney. They have both been cosplaying since 2006 and they’re this year’s team USA WCS. You can find their website here, their facebook here and their WCS facebook page here.

Look at this ridiculously gorgeously beaded work in progress image of one of their Sailor Moon gowns!

Designer Disney’s The Little Mermaid Ursula and Ariel. (Photos by darkain.)

Vivaldi and Alice from Heart no Kuni no Alice. Photos below by Jospeh Chi Lin, LJinto.

Panty and Stocking. Below photo by Anna Cosplay Photography

Dexter’s Lab¬†Photo taken by¬†Judith Stephens Photography