Ok everyone! Please help me out! 🙂 Please vote for my Lion and the Lamb Spoonflower Fabric!

You’ll have to login to Spoonflower, and then vote for all your favorite Lion/Lamb fabrics! They are shown in random order. Hopefully mine (shown above and below in this post) will be one of your favorites! 🙂  You can buy my Lion and the Lamb fabric on Spoonflower here if you like it!

Spoonflower is a custom fabric on demand company. You create the image to tile, you upload it to Spoonflower and then you can decide what type of fabric to have your design printed on and how much of it you want! For my drawing a day challenge, I wanted to pick a contest far enough in advance so that I could complete the fabric design and get the physical test swatch back before the contest started. The one that piqued my interest was the March Lion Lamb contest. I decided to create a soft damask design. I just started doodling and this is what I came up with!  The physical swatch I got in the mail looked lovely and fresh so I ordered a couple yards to make dresses for my twins.

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Again, you can buy the fabric on Spoonflower here if you like it!

Hey folks!

I’m super happy to announce that I’ll be a guest Anime Los Angeles 10 and Fresno Ani-Jam later this year!  I’m really looking forward to it! I’m preparing some really fun panels for them, planning some new costumes and will be taking my twin girls (probably in matching costumes to mine). Hope to see you there!


Fanart of Mami from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

I wanted to do a birthday gift art for my friend Jason. He said Mami from Puella Magi Madoka Magica was his favorite. Added bonus is that a bunch of my other friends love Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Mami, too! (She is pretty cool, right?) I enjoyed watching the series recently.

I used my iphone to take a photo of the black and white sketch, brought it into Photoshop and then colored it using my laptop’s trackpad (like a boss).  So please forgive my simple coloring.

This is part of my, doing a drawing every day stint! You can keep up with them by “liking” my Facebook page. I also post most of them on Twitter.

Mami from Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Han Solo Costume Shirt

More on Making Han Solo’s Costume:

Getting Started

Making Han Solo’s Pants

Making Han Solo’s Vest

Han Solo wears an off-white long sleeve shirt with a mandarin collar and a v-neck placket front. Magnoli offers one, but I was confident I could easily make it myself and save money.

There’s a fair amount of debate online about exactly what sort of fabric Han Solo’s shirt is made of. The “A New Hope” costumes were apparently never on display so no one knows for sure. Some people think it’s a linen, some a knit. After studying the movie again and looking at what high resolution photos I could find, I decided on going with a thick knit. The way it pulled at the shoulder and the pilling in this closeup promotional image (below) looked like knit to me. But I suppose the jury is still out.


I ended up choosing an off-white Ponte de Roma knit from what I had available for the weight of it and I also thought it would be very comfortable for my husband. My pattern also called for knit, though I could have bypassed that.

Han Solo costume shirt

I thought it would be fun to use an authentic vintage 1970’s pattern for the shirt. I chose a McCalls 6609 I found on etsy. It had the required long sleeves and a placket front opening. Really though you could use any similar shirt pattern, I’m sure there are modern ones that would suit.

Here’s the first test muslin I made of the shirt.


After making the first muslin (out of cotton muslin…), I took in the lower part of the arm sleeve width and hemmed it shorter. I changed the collar to a mandarin by basically making the collar half the size of the included collar pattern. I deepened the v-neck by an inch or two (which required enlarging all the placket parts.) Han Solo’s shirt is mostly plain. It has no pockets and no placket buttons. The sleeves should be a little short.

I was pleased with the instructions on the pattern when it came to finishing the garment nicely and working with knits. I’d never worked with knits before and I was a little worried, but it was easy and turned out perfectly fine! I just used a normal sewing machine with this, no serger!

Here’s the finished shirt! I accidentally switched the overlap of the V and if I made it again, I’d probably make the V even deeper, but I’m happy enough with it for now!