Belle’s Yellow Ballgown from Beauty and the Beast Broadway Version
Rose Tyler from The Empty Child
Pink Saree Regency Open Robe
White Striped Voile Regency Gown
1960’s Maternity Dress
Yellow 1920’s Dragon Dress
Pink Floral Anglaise
Red Saree Regency Daydress
Blue Riding Habit

I didn’t do a ton of costumes this year, as I spent most of it pregnant with twins!  I’m actually already pregnant in most of these costumes, even if it doesn’t show with all of them (Even Belle!)

I did more historical stuff this year, which I really enjoyed.

The costumes I focused the most on were Belle, my Pink Anglaise and my White Voile Regency gown with Pink overgown. Belle’s Broadway yellow ballgown was a dream costume of mine and I was so happy to be able to finally make it! Hopefully I’ll be able to wear it again sometime this coming year.

I also made some baby clothes for both mine and my friends’ babies.

baby clothes

Christmas Knot Twin Baby Dresses
Twin Heirloom Ribbon Embroidery Baby Dresses
Blue Baby Princess Dress
Finding Nemo Baby Dress

Next year I’d like to continue making more outfits for the twins. I’d like to make more everyday clothing, specifically vintage style dresses, for myself. I’d also like to make another froufrou princess gown. Who knows!

Totoro Baby Costume 
I made a May from Totoro baby costume (dress and bag) for my friend’s baby daughter! You can read about how I made this dress below and then download the Totoro baby costume pattern at the bottom. Enjoy!
Totoro Baby Costume

The costume dress and bag are fully lined. Both would benefit from being made from something stiffer than your typical cotton broadcloth or quilting cotton, or being interfaced for body/stiffness.

I added some decorative stitches along the hem (optional). Some sewing machines have built in decorative stitches, I used leaves.


  •  1 1/2″+ yard of pink fabric for the dress.
  •  1/2″ yard yellow fabric for the bag.
  •  3, 18mm sized pink buttons.

Cut the first set of front and back on the fold and then use the cut-out full front and back fabric pieces to cut the lining front and back. (This way you can carefully use up the remaining yardage, there’s just barely enough and they won’t be perfectly on the grain.)

To complete your May from Totoro baby costume you’ll need:

  •  a cute cotton or knit collared, puff-sleeved white shirt
  •  white puffy bloomers or diaper cover
  •  trim up a baby straw hat
  •  do your girl’s hair up in pigtails with pink ball ponytail holders…
  •  and perhaps put some acorns or a small Totoro plush in her bag!

Take some photos of your girl picking flowers or playing in trees or bushes!

  • Please note, this pattern is only what I’m guessing is 18-24 mo size, though you might be able to scale it. It hasn’t been beta tested other than me making it. If you’re concerned about fit, please make a muslin and try it on your child, first!
  •  This pattern and the subsequent items you make out of it are for personal use only, no resale or for profit.

 You can find the May Totoro baby costume pattern files here. (

Creative Commons License
May Dress and Bag Pattern by Aimee Steinberger is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Rapunzel Fabric

Hey folks, in the spirit of the holidays, I’ve decided to finally put my Rapunzel fabrics up on Spoonflower publicly! So if you wanted to make your own Rapunzel, or just want a Rapunzel floral pillow or whatever, here you go! There is a fabric for the bodice and a fabric for the skirt. I used Spoonflower Cotton Sateen for the Rapunzel bodice and Silk Crepe de Chine for the skirt, but you can use whatever you enjoy best.

If you want more information on how to make your own Rapunzel costume, please see my costume page about it here! Goodluck!

Merry Christmas!

Rapunzel Fabric