My mom came out for a week and helped me get my twin girl nursery mostly together! There’s still a few more things to do, like make the curtains, get a big fluffy chair, finish the changing table drawers and a few more shelves, but it’s really getting there!


Since we are expecting our first children (twin girls) this fall and my beloved “new” VW Beetle was finally starting to literally fall apart, we replaced my VW with a van.

It was sad to say goodbye to my Beetle! It was the first car I really bought on my own and I really loved how cute , round and blue it was. Think of the huge costumes and crazy stuff that have been shoved into the back of this thing! It was a good car.

Changing from that to pretty much “grey” van was a bit strange, but I’ve already added a few things to start to make it my own. Onward!


Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I have a lot of photos to show you from Maui and all sorts of stuff, but I don’t really have time right at the moment!

Did you guys see the new Futurama episodes, though? “The Bots and the Bees” (the season premiere) was one that I Assistant Directed. It was a really fun episode to work on. Hope you enjoyed it!

Instead new content from me, check out this awesome gift art Phillip Craig drew for me based on the new Futurama ep (and me having twins this fall…!) Thanks, Phillip!