Just popping in to let everyone know that I finally got the brown and black colorways of my “Teaspoon and an Open Mind” Doctor Who fabric up on spoonflower! I wasn’t quite happy with the contrast of the stripes on those two, so I had to find some time to sit down and play with spoonflower’s swatches to try and get some good matches. Most of the colors (if not all) used in these images are from spoonflower’s swatch pallets, so they should look nice! But order a swatch to see for yourself how they look printed!  Hope you enjoy!
(At this point, all the colorways are up, the Blue, Peach, Pink, Lavender, Black and Brown).

You can find all the colorways and fabrics here.

Hey folks!

You can see some newly released by Comedy Central storyboards from Futurama on my site and on Comedy Central’s Countdown to Futurama site now! The boards were all drawn by me and from my sequences. Really jazzed that they chose those to show so that I can show them to you! It’s not very often that I’m able to. These are from the (not aired yet) season premiere of Futurama, The Bots and the Bees, directed by Stephen Sandoval and assistant directed by me. It’s a really sweet and funny episode.

You can also see the fully animated, full color version of those two sequences and some others here on Comedy Central’s site.

(Click below to go to my storyboard page)

Just as a reminder, my aimeemajor.com email is still out of commission. Very sorry about that! I’m just so busy with work and other things right now that I haven’t had time to try and trouble-shoot it. So much to do…! No time to wait on hold!

If you really need to contact me, you can comment here, message me on facebook, twitter or livejournal and I’ll get it. (You can find those on the “follow and subscribe” spot in the right menu, or you can find them in the top menu under “About” > “Networking”. If you’re not able to use those platforms, try commenting here and I’ll find an alternate way for you to contact me or try to assist you.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!