I really didn’t think I’d win anything, but I entered my Rapunzel costume in the Spookbook.nu DIY Halloween Contest… and I won a Runner Up $100 prize to American Apparel! AWESOME! I’ve been so busy with work this month that this was definitely a pick-me-up! Thanks to everyone who helped hype my outfit and left me sweet comments!
You can see the full winners of the contest on Lookbook’s blog.

Being the dork that I am, I decided to buy Amy Pond from Doctor Who’s red dolman hoodie and I also got a longĀ cobalt blue chiffon skirt and some tights. Hurray! Thanks Lookbook and American Apparel!

I’m still backlogged with a couple commissions (really sorry guys!) Work is crazy busy right now… but we will prevail and make an awesome episode and I will get caught up!

Here’s a couple quick sketches I’ve done recently that I forgot to post here.
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I’m still sick (GAH!) and I have a ton of work to do on Futurama… but we made it through one event, Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland! It’s the one time of year that adults can wear Disney costumes (or any costume really) in the Disney parks. We’d been planning to go to this for months, we really enjoy it and Mitch’s Flynn outfit had been in the works since last year! I finally got it finished! I really enjoyed wearing Rapunzel again, too. (You can read about how I made my Rapunzel costume and wig here.) Also this year was the first time my friends AJ, Cheryll and Judy could come. They went as the Good Fairies from Sleeping Beauty.

Here’s a couple quick pics. I’ll do a more in depth post later.

Now I just have to make it till mid Nov. when we finish up our storyboards on the Futurama episode I’m doing… and then after that, it’s Dicken’s Fair!