Hey, folks! I moved my server hosting a couple days ago and I’m having some temporary hiccups with my email, so please bear with me.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already seen them on my Twitter, here’s my Kiki’s Delivery Service pumpkin I made this weekend! It’s a bit shaky, but I’m not that great at cutting pumpkins. I found some Kiki stationary with an emblem like this on it, I enlarged it on my computer/printer and then used that as my template for cutting. This is actually one of those craft pumpkins, so I can reuse this again next year. 🙂
Hope everyone is having a great fall!

I also made a Turnip Head from Howl’s Moving Castle for my October yard! His head is a styrofoam ball that I drew on with a permanent marker. The clothes are cut up ones from Goodwill. I duck-taped two sticks together to make his base. The hat is made from craftfoam. His “pipe” is made from a wine bottle cork and a stick. He really doesn’t take long to make…!

Comedy Central rented out the Kogi BBQ truck for Rough Draft Studios today! YUM! We do the visual side of Futurama, Napoleon Dynamite and a couple other shows. Everyone was pretty excited about free delicious korean tacos… SO GOOD…

I haven’t posted about it for a little while, but if you follow me on twitter you’ve gotten bits of this already. We’re just now getting the full-color full-animation back on the Napoleon Dynamite show I assistant directed on… and then we’re finishing up the timing and revisions show #1 of the 7th season of Futurama (WOOO, EXCITING!)… and we’re ASLO starting storyboarding on show #8! (This is just what I personally am working on, there’s much more going on at the studio right now.) We have some great shows coming through, regrettably I can’t tell you anything, But I’ll look forward to everyone’s reactions when they finally air.

Edmund, one of the directors, added to the Kogi truck’s decoration with a Bender. 🙂