I’m just a bit beside myself with Futurama excitement this week!

The One-Hour Season Premiere is coming up Thursday, June 23 10/9c!

The two episodes being shown for the premiere are my friend Crystals and Edmund’s, and they are REALLY cool and funny episodes. You guys are going to love them.

The first episode of next season (not this coming season, but the one after that) will be mine and Stephen’s! CRAZY! We just went to the tableread at FOX yesterday. Everyone was very jubilant about getting another season of Futurama so soon (unlike last time…!) Part of the celebrating was Zoidberg and Nibbler cupcakes.


Here are some storyboards from the upcoming (this season) episode Law & Oracle (Directed by Stephen Sandoval and Assistant Directed by me 😀 ), which finds Fry getting fed up with his job and leaving to join the police force.

I’m pretty jazzed to see these posted on Futurama’s website, actually, because normally we aren’t allowed to show you our storyboards, even after the episode airs.  But on top of that, this sequence of boards are actually ones that I thumbnailed and boarded myself. Kismet! So here’s the first and possibly the last time you’ll see this from me. Ha. (maybe  I’ll get lucky and they’ll let us post more, but probably not!)

(Click the images to enlarge.)

[nggallery id=121]

Also, I must call your attention to this background design, also from one of my and Stephen’s episodes. This background is from a particular favorite scene of mine… which I can’t say ANYTHING ABOUT, but I can’t wait for you to see it! How’s that for cryptic!

What CC says about this image: “An image of a UK version of the Planet Express building. It comes from the upcoming episode All the Presidents’ Heads, which finds the crew traveling through time back to the Revolutionary War and meddling with history. Let this be a lesson to us all: if your must time-travel, make sure you do it in a multiverse. ” (Click the image to enlarge.)


You can see more promo sneak-peaks like this on Futurama’s website!

Here’s a few more Rapunzel photos from my friend Jason! These were taken while Joseph Chi Lin was shooting, since we were all hanging out. I think it’s kinda fun to see photographers in shot, actually.

And proof that I’m a pretty pretty princess
(this is a reference to the movie, Elf, which is one of my all-time favorites, if you haven’t seen it, I might have to scold you.)

A couple photos from the Getty yesterday.

Dress is from Modcloth and the scarf is a MA monogram one from the Marie Antoinette exhibit up in SanFran a year or two ago.

We saw the Paris: Life & Luxury exhibit they have up right now, it was really interesting. I liked how they arranged the exhibit based on the time of day, so that you got the feeling of how it would be to live in that stratosphere (a really rich person in Paris in the mid 1700’s). It was also nice how they were able to bring in objects almost identical to objects they had in paintings… so you really got a feeling of continuity. I wish there had been more clothing, though… and the exhibit book did not contain some of the clothing in the exhibit and vice versa. They had one dress that had the kind of arm cuff that I’d tried to do for my Mme de Pompadour dress, so I did some sketches (since no photos were allowed in that exhibit, and of course THAT dress wasn’t in the book, not that they would have had a photo of what I wanted to look at anyway…)

In the Getty’s permanent collections, I always like the weird furniture with faces and animals in them. So there’s a couple photos of that below.

I think this TED talk about advertising and standing out by Seth Godin is very interesting.

His basic point is, that in today’s market, selling to the average person, the muggles, persay, doesn’t work because they’re over-marketed to and everyone’s bored with the average thing, roughly. So his idea is that, the best thing is to try to sell to otaku (he actually uses the word otaku) because they really care about the thing they are interested in, they’ll listen to your advertising, and they’ll help spread the word.

10 years ago, I tried to hide my otaku-self. Even working in animation (which is, on a whole, very otaku-friendly, because most animators are by definition, nerds),…even here I was afraid people would find out that I was an otaku. Mainly because growing up, it wasn’t cool to be geeky. (And I’m not just an otaku in the way that the NEETS in Kuragehime (Jellyfish Princess) are. The NEETS in Kuragehime are only into one specific thing each… (like jellyfish or trains) while I’m like an omni-otaku, I’m obsessively geeky about multiple subjects.)

I have found that with the creation of my book, the successful sale of my book… and the gradual “outing” of myself as otaku,… that only good things have come from it. (mostly.) Other nerds relate to me. Other nerds feel encouraged to be braver. Instead of the fringe thing I’m talking about weirding people out, instead they go learn more about that, and then often, they become a nerd of it, too.

I can’t count the number of times that people have come up to me at a convention and said “I got into _____ because of your book (or art or whatever)” And that’s pretty damned awesome, in the literal sense of the word, I’m awed that people like my stuff enough to have it influence them in that way. I feel like I’m gradually going from being a closet geek to being a geek advocate.

That and what I previously said about the geeks winning… instead of crap Street Fighter movies, we actually have GOOD, well-rated tv shows and movies about sci-fi and all manner of geeky shit, because, yes, we otaku, we care about stuff we love, and we’ll tell our friends.

(SIDENOTE: Fellow nerds, make sure you DO tell your friends about stuff you like and support the stuff you like!)

And then there’s this “5 top regrets people make on their deathbed”:

#1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

Which, in Aimee-land translates into:

artwork by The Striking Viking.