I’m back from Fanime! Thanks so much to those of you who came by my artist alley table or supported me through the weekend, I had such a great time and it was really nice to see everyone.

I’ll post more photos and details later on my website, but I wanted to show you this awesome photo of my Rapunzel costume by Joseph Chi Lin! I was so happy to be able to shoot with him this weekend for the first time! I really enjoyed dressing up like Rapunzel again, too… I added more details to the skirt and I finished the wig, but really there’s just something about that costume that make everything seem a bit more rosey. I think this might be my new favorite color for a while. You can see more about how I made my Rapunzel costume and wig here.

Hope everyone stateside had a great holiday.

Like practically everyone else, I found Princess Beatrice’s hat (and really 90% of the hats in the Royal Wedding) to be amazingly bad… which, me being me, meant that I had to make a ridiculous big hat.  I got a hat at Goodwill for $2 and my friend Crystal and I decorated our hats with silk flowers and such we had laying around.  Then we met up with Michelle for tea and Huntington Gardens.

Perhaps most amusing was that there was a large group of ladies at the tea place at the same time as us, all with huge ridiculous hats. I suppose we’ll never know how serious they were about their hats.  Though… I did not-so-secretly have a lot of fun making mine and wish I could get paid thousands of dollars to trim hats royalty and old ladies.


Recorded a COPIC marker tutorial while I was coloring this Sailor Moon image I drew below! Hope you enjoy!

A few Q&A about this method:
I’m using COPIC SKETCH markers, Prismacolor white pencil and white Sakura gellyroll pen. Paper used is just basic cheap copy paper (which intentionally bleeds a lot).

The reason I don’t color directly on the original artwork is because if you color directly onto pencil, the pencil will bleed black into the marker color.

I don’t ink on a separate page because I like the look of the pencil lines, and I also find that doing the final line on a separate page looses some of the energy of the original rough sketch. Also, by keeping the lineart separate, I can modify the colors of it in photoshop if I want (like some lines can be blue, etc…)


I’m going to be wearing my Rapunzel costume at Fanime (YAY!), so I finally finished up my Tangled Rapunzel wig. In the process of trying to detangle it and brush it (for DAYS) in order to style it… I came to a very obvious realization about how Rapunzel’s hair would actually look.


Here’s some in progress photos of my Rapunzel wig with my “helping” cat, Youta.

NOTE: I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to make/sell Rapunzel wigs. (and the materials alone are pretty expensive, I don’t think people would be willing to pay it.)  But you can read about how I made the Rapunzel wig and the Rapunzel costume here, and there are some tutorials on deviantart and other places on how to make wigs like this if you search for them. Good luck!

Rapunzel wig

Rapunzel wig