I’m excited to show you my new art piece for Michelle’s Bunnies & Bows art and fashion event (May 7 – May 19, 2011… coming up NEXT weekend! )

The girl is inspired by Michelle (hair, look and fashion) and of course… there are bunnies. I called the piece Blossom Bunny Spiral as a nod to Sailor Moon’s attack names. It was done originally in graphite and COPIC markers and then I colored some of the lineart in Photoshop and then the finished image was inkjet printed onto 16×20 stretched canvas. It will be for sale at the show!

It’s sure to be a really fun event with lots of awesome stuff to look at, so come out, and I’ll see you there!

Blossom Bunny Spiral

One of my dreams for a while was to cosplay at a really cool location… and another thing on my wishlist was to make a hanfu-inspired outfit with a big flower on my head.


About a week ago, AJ, Judy, Marcus and I went to Beijing and we figured while we were there, we should try to cosplay. We asked some Chinese cosplayers online and it seemed like a lot of the tourist locations (like the gardens and palaces) didn’t really mind if you showed up in costumes and took photos.  People sometimes rent costumes and do it, or they even take bridal photos there! This attitude is very different from the typical attitude in the USA about taking photos in similar locations. Most places in the USA either won’t let you do it or will charge you hundreds of dollars. They often assume you’re doing it for some professional thing,… but we’re really just dorks, perhaps we are elaborate dorks, but still dorks.

We chose the Summer Palace, which was easily one of the most lovely and interesting places we visited on our trip. Every corner we turned was a more beautiful thing to see! (I’ll post more photos from our trip later.)

None of the staff gave us any trouble about dressing up! In fact, they really liked us and some wanted to get photos with us. We seemed to be pretty popular with the Chinese tourists, too. Marcus said that the order of comments changed from “She’s so tall!” to positive comments about our costumes first and wondering if our hair was real (it wasn’t) and THEN “She’s so tall!” Ha!

Some people even knew who AJ and I were supposed to be! You’d hear them call our “names” as we passed. AJ is Green Snake from The Legend of White Snake, Green Snake. She’s been wanting to make Green Snake’s outfit for years!

My outfit was inspired by tvdrama version (Yang Gui Fei Mi Shi) of  Yang Guifei. Really it’s mostly just my collar (and perhaps the flower on my head) that looks a lot like Yang Guifei, but “You can call me Flower if you want to.”

Judy’s was a completely original design.

A lot of people wanted to take pictures with us, but these schoolgirls were so cute, we wanted to get a picture with THEM.

Needless to say, we had an awesome time.

You can see more photos on AJ’s HCC LJ post here.

We did NOT do Easter baskets this year, I didn’t want the candy temptation. I did however buy a ridiculous lamb purse from Angelic Pretty. (Photos from ap-sendai)

Spring has me thinking of berry-print sundresses, long white full skirts, blowzy maxi dresses and strawhats. Maybe when I get a moment I’ll make myself a berry-print sundress. (By the time I have time though, it will probably be June or September! ) Perhaps listen to Supercar SHIBUYA morning or Vampire Weekend while you look at pretty things.

Left and right, Cutie May 2011, middle Idun no. 13, 1959.

Angelic Pretty Sheep Garden Coordinates

Silk rose scarf from China

La Reine from my Garden Blog

I got my Costume College registration packet right before leaving for China and mailed in my requests for limited classes (just in time!) If you’re interested in historical fashion and costuming, it’s a really great con! The tickets for the college, events and classes tend to fill up, though, so you have to do it sooner rather than later.

I decided to try for the classes: “Learn Boutis Provencal” (which I think would be rad for making blouses and decorative items…), “Make a Calash Bonnet” (which I just think are super romantic… and I want more hats and I love 18th century), “Silk Painting for Beginners” and “Making a Hat Box”. I’m also thought the “Recovering A Parasol”, “Making Your Own Beaded Appliques”, “Hairstyles of the 1940’s”, various foam armor construction classes by Malaki Keller, Kendra’s “18th Century Polonaise & Turque” class, “Basic Leatherworking”, “Metal Thread Embroidery”, “Simple Blackwork Embroidery”, “Take a Ribbon and Fold” and lot of other classes looked interesting. We’ll see how many I have time to take. 🙂

I was really tempted by the empire-waisted 1940’s pants class (I’m really into 40’s and 50’s stuff right now…) but it conflicted with some other stuff I was interested in, so I think I’ll get this pattern from the fabulous decadesofstyle.com. Course, I still haven’t this fabulous blouse yet. I can’t decide what fabric to make it in. I think something silky… perhaps with brightly colored dots.

I also saw a really great silky olivey-apply-green skirt at Madewell (instore) last week. You can’t see in their online store, but it has nice big pockets and has a very flowy, yet safari, feel. It makes me want to make a skirt like it, or perhaps do up this dos pattern in a silky green.

and I really wanted to make some khaki wide-leg pants using this Simplicity 4044 pattern … or this Vogue 8502 one or perhaps draft my own?

A silky top like this from Madewell would look great with some wide pants like the ones above. Maybe I’ll make it myself so I can choose the fabric and save money.

Can you tell I’m really into Katharine Hepburn and Amelia Earhart style right now?

Bass ♥ Rachel Antonoff .

I’m SO in love with this! It’s a little Mori-girl, isn’t it? ALSO THEY COME IN SIZE 11. My favorite is perhaps the LADY (high-heeled oxford) in CREAM/PINK, but they’re all pretty cute.

I’m leaving for a vacation to China tonight! (So of course I had to draw Shampoo from Ranma 1/2… )

I’ll be back in about a week. During that time, I won’t really be reachable. If you have my mac mail address, you can try contacting me there, but I probably won’t be checking it much. Otherwise, just please wait till I return!

~ ~ Awesome-Possum Michelle just did a totally sweet post about me on her blog this morning! It also has a work-in-progress sketch from me for Michelle’s upcoming art show, Bunnies & Bows!

I’ll see you guys at the show, May 7th! It’s gonna be BRILLIANT.