I’m pulling some extra work on the weekends so that I can go to China (this week! AAAH!)
But on one of my lunch-breaks I met up with Annie at Descanso’s Lilac Garden.  It’s only about 10 minutes from where I work. So happy to see it in full bloom! Here’s a couple quick shots. You can see a few more flower photos on my garden blog here and Annie has a few more flower photos on her post, too.

Photo by Annie anastasiakim.com

President Lincoln Lilac

Sidenote: Tweaking a few things around the site. I’ll be adding a blogroll soon, and there’s now a “Published Work” gallery (which is WIP.)

Today’s comic is brought to you by Storyboard Pro (which is what we use at work + a cintiq to make shows)!


Welcome to my site redesign! It’s been years since I redesigned it and I was having a hard time keeping things up to date, when really all I wanted to do was post pictures to my blog. So now my blog and site are integrated! I hope you’ll enjoy it! There’s a lot of new features… the menus should be much easier to use… and in general stuff around the site have been updated and edited.

I also have a new separate gardening blog where I mostly geek out over roses.

Lemme know if you find any problems or have suggestions!

  • I want to take this moment to introduce you to the Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt and Feedburn icons in the right sidebar.  There are also Facebook and Twitter icons on each post in the blog. You can +like me or one of my posts on facebook and you can +follow me or +retweet my posts on twitter.  If you really like a post or an artwork of mine, please RETWEET or LIKE IT! 🙂  As to what I post on them, the Facebook “public figure” page is pretty much only official stuff, like new artwork, sales or shows, etc, while the Twitter account is more random stuff from me. The posts here on the aimeemajor.com blog will also be crossposted as links to Twitter. I’ll be doing some random original art giveaways on Twitter and Facebook in May, so please add me.
  • The Feedburn (the mail icon) there is so that you can get emailed updates whenever I update this blog.

What’s else is up with me?

  • I just started working on the new animated tv show version of Napoleon Dynamite as an Assistant Director. The characters are really fun to draw, and their using a ton of the original voices/actors, so I’m enjoying it so far! Hope you guys’ll like it when it comes out!
  • THEN after Napoleon Dynamite wraps, I’ll be moving on to Assistant Direct again on the new season of Futurama which recently got greenlit! This means that there will be another 26 episodes even after the 13 that you guys haven’t even seen yet (which will air later this year.) So that’s kinda fabulous.
  • I’m going to CHINA (OMG!) next week for a quick vacation with my girlfriends AJ and Judy (the same ones I’ve gone to Japan with).
  • I’m going to FANIME and I might have an artist alley table. Cross your fingers!
  • I’m also going to Anime Expo, Costume College and Comic Con and I’ll have a booth with Crystal (haminal) and Derek (Marishi10) again at Comic Con. I’m hoping to at the very least have a new sketchbook by then.

American Duchess is doing a run of 18th century dyeable SILK shoes!

They’ve started their preorder now (with discounts during the preorder). They come in sizes 6 to 12!

  • There’s no guarantee that they’ll do another run like this later, so if you think you might need some, get them now! Preorder is only open until the 22nd. They need 100 to order, so spread the word!

I already have a bone pair of leather 18th century shoes… so I’m going to get a dyeable silk pair from American Duchess… and probably have them dyed PINK.

Disney Princesses got the highest votes both here on my LJ poll and my DA account and I’ve been enjoying looking at some traditional chinese paintings lately, as well as feeling some shoujo/MACOTO nostalgia, so HERE YOU GO, Mulan! (not exactly a Disney Princess, though! haha. whatever.) I wanted Mushu to be more of a traditional-style and Mulan herself is a little more in my style than perfectly on model, but hey, that’s what I was goin for. XD

I’ll color this later. But I’d like to do more of the female Disney leads in kindof a floral portrait-style like this. (perhaps with a knod to the inspiration/culture of each film…) We’ll see. NO CUT FOR YOU.

Fave on DA