I haven’t read webcomics for a long time and have suddenly gotten back into it. I’m looking all over for beautiful comics with good stories! Feel free to recommend some to me! I thought I would start doing my Friday Faves again sharing with you some of the lovely comics I find. Hopefully you’ll forgive me for not posting this on a Friday. haha. Tuesday Fave.

I’ll start with Brianne Drouhard’s Harpy Gee! Brianne and I went to Calarts about the same time studying Character Animation. She’s always made super cute and appealing things. She’s been involved with Teen Titans, Amethyst Princess of the Gemworld, the new Pig Goat Banana Cricket and other animated shows!  Brianne also made this adorable children book, Billie the Unicorn.

Her webcomic is Harpy Gee! It’s a fantasy story about an elf warrior girl with a sullen magical cat familiar and the people she meets in a new town (like an adorable witch and a grumpy prince)! That cat creature is pretty much the most adorable not-impressed cat. She’s beautifully illustrated it in a marker style and the story is very sweet and full of heart! So go check it out! You can read Harpy Gee for free online and you can buy the first printed volume at Stuart Ng or Hiveworks!

harpygee2 harpygee



I have an awesome artshow coming up that I am super excited about! Spirit of the Wind is a Ghibli / Miyazaki group tribute show starting August 8th!

This is the same group that did that great Moon Crisis Sailor Moon show I participated in last year.  I have my Castle in the Sky and Howl’s Moving Castle pieces and I might have a few others in print form. (Sneak peak of my stuff below!)
Opening Night is Aug 8 at 6:00pm. Come out! There will be some of the artists from the show (including me!) selling our prints and saying hi! I don’t do these kinds of shows that often, so come by and see me!

Rothick art haus, 170 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, California 92805
Opening Night is Aug 8 at 6:00pm, The show runs from Aug 8-30th, check hours.
Facebook Event Page Here


Here is my original Jedi Star Wars piece I did for The Hive’s Jedi July show this past week! I really love Star Wars since I was a little girl and I loved the concept of the Force connecting and flowing through all things. I wanted to show lots of forms of life seeping through her hair and clothing as a visual manifestation of the Force.

The piece was done in COPIC marker, graphite and white sakura gel pen. The original is already sold! (Thank you, whoever bought it!)

If you’d like a print you can email me through my contact form at the bottom of this page. Thanks, hope you enjoy!



full piece: