GBACG had a wonderful Game of Thrones costume theme event at the Castello Di Amarosa in Napa Valley recently! What a perfect venue for a fantasy theme like this! We had a great time and the staff were very gracious.

I had been meaning on making a gown inspired by some of Sansa’s gowns for a while and so this was the perfect event to finish it for. You can see more about how I made my gown here.

Photos from myself and additional photos much thanks to Cheryll, A.J., Vivien and Maegen Hensley.


I took a $1.50 bunny hand towel from Daiso and put it on my old navy pullover!

If you want to try, I fray checked around the edge of the bunny and cut the bunny out. I pinned the bunny carefully onto the sweatshirt making sure not to catch the other side or the pocket. I then basted the bunny on and used a satin stitch to applique it on. Ta da!