I would like to share this beautiful illustrated book with you today for Friday Fave. It’s suitable for most ages but deal with loss. (I cried!)

Grandad’s Island, is by animation industry professional, Benji Davies. I’m always looking for beautifully illustrated children’s books (even before I had children) so I was very happy to find Davies’ books. We also have On Sudden Hill which is charming, too. The illustrations in Grandad’s Island are absolutely gorgeous and colorful and playful when appropriate. The compositions are inspiring, too. I loved how the author deals with the hard issue of Grandad “leaving” in a soft, imaginative and touching way.  So please go check out Davies’ books!




This week’s Friday Fave is Nimasprout, the art of Nicole Gustafsson.  I really enjoy how she creates inclosed vignettes sometimes telling a story as you travel through the landscape. Many people would do a closeup of characters but Nicole often pulls out so that the figures and houses are tiny. Her color choices are beautiful and delicious. The result is so whimsical. I also love Nicole’s little animals. It feels like all the tiny little figures have lives and collect things and have hobbies. You can find Nicole’s beautiful artwork here.

PrincessBride,medium_large AnimalAdventurers4,medium_large Icebound,medium_large Woodland-Procession,medium_large

This week’s Friday Fave is Carrie Liao’s Wee Foxes book!

I had been following her adorable little fox marker illustrations for a while and really looked forward to this book being released!  The illustrations alone are charming but Carrie added a beautiful Carpe Diem narrative to it. It’s so easy to get caught in the trap of your day to day without even making a conscious choice. The foxes decide to escape for a vacation and they go to so many beautiful places! The book has a ton of full color marker illustrations with some adorable ink drawings mixed in. What really makes it is the expressive faces and poses of the foxes though. I really felt like I could relate to them. So take a little escape with Carrie’s beautiful Wee Foxes book!

weefoxes weefoxes2  weeprint_jtree_8x10_01 weeprint_sequoia_8x10_01

I’ve been looking for beautiful webcomics with good stories lately and this is one of my very favorites so far! Blindsprings by Kadi Fedoruk!

Blindsprings is an absolutely gorgeous full color comic about a girl who makes a pact with fairies for 300 years, alchemy-like magic and coming of age.

Just from seeing the first splash page I knew I would like it. The artist Kadi uses such beautiful shapes and compositions in her drawings. The design of the fairies is beautiful and haunting and the main character girl’s design is so adorable and appealing! I devoured it in a few days (even though there are plenty of pages) and I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here. So go check out Blindsprings on Hiveworks, it’s a real gem!