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- | Charleston Twin Baby Shower

Charleston Twin Baby Shower

A few months ago, during second trimester, I went back home to Charleston, South Carolina to have my first baby shower. The shower was put on by my mom, my aunts and cousins and hosted at our friend Alyce’s beautiful house. All of my mom’s friends and a lot of our family came a long way to go to the shower! I don’t get to see my family that much since we live on opposite sides of the United States, so this meant a lot to me. Everything was really beautifully decorated!

One of my aunts had a special cake made with twin babies in a nest with cherry blossoms on it! My invitations echoed this theme, too.

A diaper cake made by my cousin, Jennifer!

My mom and I.

You can’t have a meal in the South without huge amounts of unsweet and sweet tea.

My mom and aunts getting ready for the shower. My mom had saved some baby outfits from when Mitch and I were babies and hung them up on ribbons and clothespins. Photos of both of us as babies and books from when I was a baby were set up on the top of the island.

I loved “The Color Kittens” and “The Lively Little Rabbit” when I was little.  We bought new ones for the twins and people at the shower signed them.

One of my baby dresses with a photo of me wearing it.

My cousin Jennifer custom embroidered these onesies for the twins!

We had pecan sandies and chocolate chip cookies made with recipes from my late grandmothers.

Delicious chicken salad and fruit for lunch.

Jennifer also embroidered this book tote for the twins (complete with cherry blossoms!)

My mom had saved some outfits and blankets from when I was a baby so that I could use them for the twins. On top of that our family and my mom’s friends gave me way too much adorable stuff for them. My aunts sang a song and had written a poem about the twins, too, so many cute details!

Lastly here’s a photo of my mom, my aunts and some of my cousins with me.


  • Loren

    01.09.2012 at 19:20 Reply

    Aw, so sweet to see the SC shower.

    I too loved the color kitties and so did the boys. We’re big, big fans of Margaret Wise Bown in general. It’s funny, every once and a while I read old picture books like that to the boys and at the beach a few weeks ago the Color Kittens was the one we re-read — and they still loved it!

  • AJ

    01.09.2012 at 22:41 Reply

    So precious! Your aunts and mom did an amazing job. The whole thing is so cute and sweet! <3

  • Ashbet

    02.09.2012 at 03:39 Reply

    Bean says “That cake is made out of rose bombs!” (We’ve been playing “Sushi Cat 2” on my computer, and the soy-sauce bombs look like upright cylinders grouped together like that . . . so she saw your cake and immediately decided that it was meant to explode into flowers!)

    Also, she says you are pretty and that your River Song cosplay is really good 😉


  • kem Welch

    02.09.2012 at 16:48 Reply

    Him Aimme,
    Wow, the time is drawing near, isn’t it? I know you’re going to be a great mom! The shower looks like it was a sweey success. Your mom is an awesome woman and I know she’s going to be a great grandmother… you know what I mean… a grandmother who is great!..

    Looking forward to pics of the little ones when they arrive.
    Take care,

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