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- | China – Day 4 – Temple of Heaven

China – Day 4 – Temple of Heaven

Still catching up on China photos! (I’m not in China right now… haha…)

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Day 2 Forbidden City
Day 1 Hutong and Belltower

This morning I took a couple photos of bats in our room. These were on the headboard.

Can you spot the bats in the wallpaper?

The street our hotel is on. (notice the piles of dirt/construction)

Most of the people who live on this street (in the Hutong area) don’t have running water in their houses, so they have to go out to this outhouse.

A statue at the train station. Yes, he has butt-less pants.

Breakfast of champions… Asian PASTRIES and full sugar soda! (there’s like no diet soda in China…)!

Today we were going to the Temple of Heaven (Tiāntán). Tiāntán is a Taoist complex where the Emperors would pray to Heaven for good harvest.

The park is free to seniors so a lot of them come in and knit together or play majong, or sing karaoke or dance or Lose Weight Exercise.

There’s also a lot of street performers and people selling souvenirs and toys. Here’s a lady doing Chinese yo-yo.

Moving into the complex proper.

This is the main temple.

Someone having wedding photos taken! We saw several people doing this. As far as we can tell, they don’t charge you photography fees to use the parks here.

Such bright colors!

Do you see the little man riding the animal at the end?

So… EVERYONE wanted to stand on the Heavenly Centre Stone. No idea why. It says that it’ll give you good sound if you speak from it, but no one was SPEAKING on the stone. They just wanted to stand on it and take a picture. It was actually vaguely dangerous to try to get a picture on it as people would push you off to try to get in!

Here’s the Heavenly Center Stone. Not very exciting eh? This old dude actually tried to cut and push us off before we could get on and take a photo. DUDE, Old man, we can TOTALLY TAKE YOU.

Very pretty trashcans.

One of the snack vendors

We thought this looked like one of the “talk to me” points in World of Warcraft. :) (No idea what it’s actually for)

Afterwards we spent quite a time trying to find this restaurant. (I think it was Grandma’s Kitchen. (BTW, the street the restaurant was on, many people told us DID NOT EXIST, including station cops. It clearly did exist…)

We passed this smoking mushroom at least twice while being lost trying to find that restaurant.

The restaurant was a down-home American cooking type place, complete with all day breakfast which greatly pleased Marcus.

A sign on a bakery.

After eating we went to buy ALL THE THINGS at the Silk Street Market (Xiushui Market), which does sell some silk, but mostly just a lot of STUFF (clothing, traditional art things, souvenirs, jewelry, etc, etc…) I got a Monkey King mask, some leather shadow puppets, presents for my family and all kinds of stuff I can’t remember right now. It was kind of exhausting not just because of the scale of the place ( a whole floor for jewelry) but EVERY purchase required bargaining, and in most cases it was average to get it for 1/2 to 1/3 of their starting price. But you had to get them down to that, and perhaps walk a way a time or two. Fun for a while, but after a day of it, tiring!



  • Maggie/padawansguide

    03.08.2011 at 18:33 Reply

    I got to visit the Temple of Heaven twice, once with the tour and once with Doug, on our own! This was the place we had the “hamburger”, which was ham. On a roll. With ketchup. :-/ The Sichuan chicken we had there was way better. :-)

    The best part of the Temple of Heaven is that if you ever go to Epcot, you will totally appreciate the miniature version of the Temple of Prayer for Good Harvest, which is in Epcot China! It’s perfect in every detail! :-)

  • Bunny

    04.08.2011 at 19:11 Reply

    OMGosh, candied hawthorn berries! They are teh awesome!

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