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- | China Day 5 The Summer Palace Cosplay

China Day 5 The Summer Palace Cosplay

I’m still catching up on posting about our trip to China this spring! I’ve just been so busy! I only have about one day left to post about, though. Hope you’re enjoying them!

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Cosplay Photoshoot at the Summer Palace

We had a pretty awesome trip to Beijing, China, in general, but this day was one of the most memorable perhaps, because one of my dreams for a while was to cosplay in a really amazing location (like a temple or something). We had decided to make hanfu inspired outfits and try to wear them to the Summer Palace while we were on vacation. We’d heard it would be ok to cosplay there, but we weren’t sure how well it would work… would we get thrown out? Would people think we were crazy?

Ready to go in our hotel room!
We decided to do our hair and wigs at our hotel since it would be hard to do that without a big mirror. We figured we could change clothes easily in a bathroom or alcove at the Summer Palace.
Here’s Judy ready to go!

Here’s us on the subway with our epic “ancient China” hair.

Just as we entered the Summer Palace and crossed a bridge we came upon this beautiful area. I was just totally charmed by this entire part of the Palace.

We went down a staircase and found an alcove to change in. We’re kinda pro at changing in parking lots and such without scandalizing people, so this wasn’t too hard.
Here’s Marcus (AJ’s husband) trying to help us change and holding all our stuff. WHAT A TROUPER! +25 husband points!

A little bit later, here we are in our full get up! Instead of being upset with us, the Palace staff wanted to get pictures with us!
My outfit was partially inspired by tvdrama version (Yang Gui Fei Mi Shi) of Yang Guifei, AJ is Green Snake from The Legend of White Snake, Green Snake and Judy’s design is a completely original one. If you would like to see more photos that Marcus took of us cosplaying, please see this post.

More of the beautiful area we were in.

There were little shops and people doing calligraphy and playing flutes. Isn’t this old man awesome? (You can see the back of AJ’s head on the right there, too.)

We found a little alcove with epic rocks. Here’s Marcus carrying a bunch of our stuff while trying to take photos of AJ.

There was even a draw bridge!

Touch-up time! AJ loves the color green anyway (and most things she owns are green…), so naturally her compact matches her costume. (I’m PINK, Judy’s PURPLE.)

We were really lucky that we were in Beijing when all these flowering trees were blooming…! So beautiful!

AJ does some traditional chinese dance… so how perfect is this?

Every turn we made came upon a more beautiful area.

Looking decidedly un-ancient-Chinese-beauty-like trying to climb up one of the buildings.

We eventually got tired and decided to de-costume.

These trees held both hotpink-red flowers and pink flowers (on the same tree).

Decorative stone walks.


This was the entrance to the Empress Cixi’s personal theater. More bats!

The Empress’ theater! (Ah! I love theaters!!)

The stage.

By now we were STARVING and cranky! We pretty much stopped at the first place that was reasonable to eat. It happened to be this adorable open-air dumpling restaurant.

Chrysanthemum tea

AJ checking out shots while we wait for food.

Pile of adorable redbean deserts

Must eat everything!

We weren’t the only people cosplaying…! I think someone must rent these out.

The sun was starting to set and we were tired and ready to head home. Had to get one last shot of the stone boat.

Last view of the adorable river area we entered at.

If you would like to see more photos that Marcus took of us cosplaying, please see this post.

As we walked to the transit system this lady was selling hot potatoes.


  • Maggie

    23.09.2011 at 11:34 Reply

    Sigh, so pretty. You all look gorgeous and I love the ones of AJ dancing! It’s awesome that it was so pretty at the time of year you went!

    The Summer Palace was one of the favorite places I visited too!

    • aimeemajor

      10.10.2011 at 14:35 Reply

      yeah, it was really pretty wasn’t it…?

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