Christmas Baby Knot Dresses

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Here’s some photos of the Christmas baby knot dresses I made for my twins!Β The girls are 8 weeks now! Hurray!

I decided to make matching Christmas knot dresses for my twin girls and one of my best friend’s little girls while I was still pregnant, since I knew I wouldn’t have much time to sew after they came. The dresses are inspired by Matilda Jane knot dresses. The fabric is mostly Riley Blake Alpine Wonderland with a few random prints from my local quilt shop for the red bits and the bottom ruffle.

I borrowed a baby knot dress from my friend, studied it, and then made one for her baby, and smaller ones for mine. I’m still learning a lot about making clothes for children that are both cute and comfortable for the child! πŸ™‚

The baby knot dresses are pretty simple to make, just a bit time consuming. I used a bit of french seaming in it and overlocked and topstitched the rest so that the seams would be more comfortable for babies. The whole skirt is just ripped on the grain rectangles. However wide you make the rectangle for the skirt determines how full the skirt will be. The bodice is just a little rounded rectangle, and the straps of course are just long rectangles. The bodice is fully lined and the back of the bodice has a large strip of elastic cased in the middle of it. The front bodice has large button holes to allow the back straps to lace through, and then you tie a knot. There is also a waistband which ties in a bow in the back. All of this allows for greater flexibility in size, since I wasn’t exactly sure how big the girls would be around this time! I made the dresses while I was still pregnant. I based the width of the twins tiny dresses off of 3 month size dresses I had bought for them, guessing they’d be about that size now. Luckily my guess was right! But the way they dresses are made, the fit is very flexible. The only trouble is, it’s a pull over the head style, and the size is a little too close to the girls’ head size. If I make something like this again, I might do a side zipper in addition to the elastic back to make it much easier to get on for them.

I’ve made a vow with myself lately to try and use the decorative stitches on my embroidery machine more, so around the edges of the aprons and around the bottom of the dress hem, I added little snowflake decorative stitches. Also, the white aprons are actually a white-on-white desgin. Extra details like this I really enjoy! Each dress has slightly different fabric placements or colors and different color rickrack, too.

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!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, Aimee~!~! These are amazing!!! Just absolutely perfect and girly and gorgeous and adorable!

And the girls – so preciously beautiful!!

Thanks Elizabeth!!

Oh– I do like Riley Blake fabrics! They can be such fun! The girls are absolutely adorable and your dresses look great!

Thanks a bunch! I liked the retro feel of the print. πŸ™‚

Those are so lovely! The girls look beautifully festive. πŸ™‚


So cute! Wish I could find time to sit down and figure out how to sew some clothes. I will have to wait for my little one to be a little older though! πŸ™‚

It just takes practice, you can do it! If you have your stuff set up, you can sew in short increments with little kids

So cute!!! Will you be keeping all your homemade dresses for the girls?

Thankyou! I’m not sure I guess! I guess it depends on how many I make for them and how much I like the finished products. πŸ™‚ I imagine there will probably be some that I end up parting with.

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