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- | Chrono Trigger Cosplay – Friday Faves

Chrono Trigger Cosplay – Friday Faves

One of my favorite video games ever is Chrono Trigger! I even cosplayed from it myself…! It’s really rare though to see a whole group of really good Chrono Trigger cosplayers, especially now that the game is so old.

Here’s an awesome group with awesome photos! I loved how they recreated scenes and poses from the video game. GebGeb as Marle, Ny0zeka as Crono (costume by GebGeb), MlleFe as Lucca and Full Metal Sam as Robo.

More from this photoshoot here! The photography is by genkimami of Team Blase Cosplay.  Team Blase also has a fun cosplay blog with makeup and costume tutorials and reviews!





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