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- | Cleaning Out the Garage

Cleaning Out the Garage

Over Christmas break my family came out to see us and we weren’t PLANNING on it, but we ended up taking all the stuff out of our garage and my family helped us install a bunch of shelves and put everything back in! Before they came out, my garage was a cavernous pile of bins (mostly full of costumes… haha…) Now it’s all organized and you can get to things without digging through 5 levels of bins!
Next, my craft room! (I’m still working on it…) For now, here’s the before and after images of the garage. :)

Before, there was a ton of gardening stuff and packing boxes all piled on top of each other, now there’s hooks for garden tools and overhead shelves.

Before, this was just a blank wall, now there’s overhead shelves and lots of hooks for tools!

Before,… scary cavern of bins! After… well organized and spacious with lots of shelves! We even put a couple of our swords up! (We actually have about 18 swords…)

And here’s a partial family photo from Christmas.


  • K. Hammond

    16.01.2012 at 16:05 Reply

    I love how Mitch is holding Youta, your kitty! =D

  • Anika

    19.01.2012 at 12:19 Reply

    FAB job on that garage! Ours is about 10x worse to start, it’s totally on my to-do list this year…

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